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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Uninvited guest

My home office used to be a garage, but the previous owners made it into a room. So, in the winter time it's drafty and I can feel the cold cement floor under the carpet, which has no carpet pad. In the summer, it's a bit toasty -- that's much better than being cold -- and critters often get in. Like those gigantic water bugs that I absolutely hate, crickets, the occasional spider, and, of course, mosquitoes.

During the cold months I don't have to worry about those giant water bugs, which look like mutated roaches and I stroll in and out of the office without a care in the world. In the summer, I usually enter warily glancing from ceiling to floor before I even put my big toe in the room. And, if I'm in here alone late at night I am jumpy because I thinkt one will creep over my foot or drop on my head.

Yesterday when I came into the office I was carefree as usual. Then I saw something on the floor. I have to go all the way into the room to turn on the lights so I kept my eye on the thing on the floor while I went in.

And this is what I saw...

I finally got down on the floor to get that last shot and watched the critter move across the floor. It is rather amazing how all of those legs work to propel the thing forward and it moves faster than one would expect. But sitting down to watch it move gave me the willies. (Just looking at the photos gives me the willies!)

Instead of destroying it because it violated my sanctuary. My personal space. The human world. I let it crawl onto a piece of paper so I could deposit it outside... I had the thought that maybe I was sealing its fate because a bird would probably swoop down to consume it, but that's the way of the world. And better for it to be outside then milling about on my carpet.

I took the paper to the backdoor trying to move swiftly before it fell off or decided to crawl onto my hand. I carefully opened the door, held the paper out and the thing slid into my hand.

Eeekk! I screamed and threw the thing to the deck.

The feel of its legs was on my hand and I tried to wipe the feeling off on my jeans.

Yuck! I exclaimed.

Then I felt bad because it was curled up on the deck. I watched while it uncurled itself and sauntered off. My face still had the yuck look, but all was right with the inside world.

Maybe he'll spread the word to the critter world and the rest of them will stay outside where they belong!
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