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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rock it

Although I am not one to covet designer threads and accessories, I am finally discovering which designers I like the most based on overall design, appeal and wear-ability. One of the brands I like the best is Rocawear.

I know that you would typically see Rocawear on the street savvy, hip hop wearer because that’s the customer that was primarily targeted in the beginning, but the brand now has appeal beyond that core urban customer. You'll even see women and men in my age group (yes, I'm 40) sporting Rocawear's stylish gear.

Even though I love the Rocawear jeans, shoes and belts, I am partial to the Roca Wear Purse because not only is it stylish and current, but a lot of the purses also have the sophistication and design elements I look for in a handbag. Rocawear also has hobos, wallets, satchets, wristlets, totes, clutches and more so whatever you're looking for is there.

And don't worry about the price: You can also find excellent deals on Rocawear. What designer gear do you like the best? If you haven't found one you like then you should check out Rocawear. They have an assortment of products that I think will meet your needs. Happy shopping.
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