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Thursday, January 8, 2009

POed about pee pee

Photo by Jim Franco

I don't know if PO is the right phrase or not. I guess I should say that I am at my wit's end with my middle daughter.

Amareah has been potty trained since she was about 2 years old. She regressed at about 3 years old and hasn't really had any ongoing or major accidents after we got past that phase... until more than three weeks ago. It started with a couple of times of a little dampness in her panties then she had an accident overnight.

Then she started having accidents at night at her dad's place and now it's frequently at night and during the day. She's even started wetting herself at school/Headstart where she's never (since she started in September) had an accident until this past Monday.

I've tried different techniques of discipline and nothing has seemed to make a difference. I've tried sitting down and talking to her when it hasn't happened, I've tried giving her more positive attention (I'm still doing this), I try asking her questions and I've taken her to the doctor.

After I took her to the doctor about three weeks ago for holding her urine and her complaining about it, the doctor said that she had yeast build up. When she showed me I said, "Hmmm? She's always been like that ever since she was an infant. I thought it was just normal for her."

I thought it especially weird because she's never missed a well-baby visit or any checkups and, if you have girls you know this, they normally check their "girl" area to ensure that they're developing correctly when they're very small. I thought the pediatrician would have noticed something amiss and assumed since every female is different tat this was normal. Well, I was wrong. The doctor gave me some cream to use on her and Amareah said she felt much better so I thought that was the end of the problem. I was wrong - again. The situation has gotten worse.

I'm sure everyone has theories as to why children digress when already trained. I remember when my oldest daughter was a toddler her dad would call, say he'd call her in a couple of days and then not call for more than a month. For a toddler that was an eternity. When he did finally call again she would digress, then get better and the cycle would start all over again. I ended up having to tell him not to call unless he called consistently and that fixed the problem. (He's a much better dad now... and that's all I'm going to say about that! :])

Nothing I've done with Amareah has worked. Maybe you have some suggestions because I don't have any other tricks up my sleeve right now.
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