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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pleasant surprise

I was surprised and pleased when I discovered the award that DeeBee (Rain or Shine) gave me, and I just had to play along because I enjoyed her post so much. The rules are: Share seven things about yourself and then pass it on to seven people.

As you know my memory is often sketchy so I am not even going to waste time looking for a post that I already did about seven things about me. However, I do believe I did one. You should be a dear and search my blog to see if you can find it. Why? Because then you can randomly read other posts that I wrote without me just giving you a link. And because I am feeling a little lazy.

Let's see... Here are my seven things:

1. I adore flowers, dolphins, heart-shaped items and, of course, chocolate.
2. Not only do all of my children's names start with the letter A, but all of the girls have similar middle names. All of the children's birthdays are the 20 something of their birth month and my birthday is the 20th as well.
3. I had my gall bladder removed when I was only about 24 years old and almost died. (They discovered it was gangrened. I know, Ewwww, right?)
4. I almost drowned three times. (Hey! There's a bad theme going on here. LOL)
5. Surprisingly, I really love the ocean and most water stuff, but - not surprising: I get scared being in the water. Even still I've been banana boating in Jamaica, parasailing in Florida, I love swimming under the water in a pool and I want to go jet skiing.
6. For four years I was called Airman Lloyd (my maiden name). Yup, I was in the Air Force.
7. While in Panama City Beach, Florida, (in 2002) I had the wonderful opportunity of swimming with dolphins. I don't swim that well so I didn't do that part, but a dolphin kissed me at the Gulf World Marine Park and I keep the postcard pic of it on a bulletin board on my desk.

I am pressed for time tonight so I am going to be lazy (AGAIN!) and pass this on to the first seven bloggers on my list. I say bloggers because my #1 reader is my BFF Frankie and he doesn't have a blog. He does, however, have to IM me or email me his seven things AND they have to be things I don't know about him.
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