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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Plans blowing in the wind

Yesterday started off pretty much as everyday has this week. I woke up (late), I had my breakfast (lazily), I took the kids to school (late), dropped the baby at daycare (she cried) and I came home to get some work done. After my second cup of coffee and my mid-morning snack, when I sat at my desk I realized there was a task that I'd been avoiding: organizing bills and debt paperwork and opening mail.

It wasn't a terrible task because at the end of the summer my best friend and I had sat down and put a basic organizational plan in order. But, as you know, one must keep on top of the financial stuff. During opening the mail, annotating when bills are due, writing a letter to a creditor (gasp!) and getting creditor information together I started breathing a little heavy, my head and chest started to hurt and the beginnings of a panic attack tried to overcome me.

I started taking deep breathes as I lost my focus... I knew I had to get through the task so I could move on, but that mere event changed the course of the rest of the day. Sad to say I didn't get much accomplished and made the decision to begin anew today.

(I'll skip the part about how I was grumpy in the afternoon and I'll tell you later about my 4-year-old daughter's trip to purchase her birthday cake.)

When I arose today I thought about all I needed to get accomplished and proceeded with the day, but before I could get going good I discover the baby coughing, sneezing and stuffy with "snot" running out of her nose. And there went my plans -- poof!

Not only am I exhausted, but I've been caring for little Miss Anna today. She finally went down for a nap at about noon and, thankfully, her dad will pick up the middle children from school so I can let her take a nice long nap. Although I need a nap I am going to try to get as much finished as possible because once the children arrive home at around 2:45 and she gets up for her nap, I'll be back on full-time mommy duty.

For now, and for once, I am not going to fret about my to-do list. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up this weekend and get everything finished that's important. This will be one of those times I realize that being a parent can be an unpredictable life.

Despite Anna's cold she was in good spirits today!
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