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Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday's Muse: crazy thoughts = masterpiece

Are you one of those creative people who can take a scenario that's irritating you, making you mad or even one that's enjoyable and come up with an entirely different "story?" For instance, I was telling a friend about someone I wanted to have a little talk with. I don't really like that person too much so I was "joking around" about how I could administer a noxious substance and in essence... well, you know.

Then I got to thinking about the mind of Dean Koontz (I'm reading Brother Odd right now) and how he has one out-of-this-world imagination. And as a writer I am amazed and impressed. As a reader I am a little freaked out. LOL. My imagination is pretty wacky, but I normally take real-world stuff and turn it into something amazingly crazy. Koontz makes up the crazy!

He writes about things that I've never heard of and I wonder how he does it. Do the thoughts just pop into this head? Does he take a random thought and do the thought bubble exercise thingy to develop it? Or is he tapped into the outer galaxies digital television and writes about what is broadcast?

I don't know, but I am having fun thinking about it.

Regardless of how thoughts and ideas are developed, I realize that a creative mind - especially that of a writer - is always working. I sat down to write this Monday's Muse with nothing to say. I stared out the window (I put the laptop in my kitchen for the weekend), I sent a couple of IMs, did a little blog hopping and then came back to stare at the blank compose page.

Although I don't think this is my muse for the week, this did remind me that my creative mind is busy. If I just take a moment to sit back and think for a moment I most likely will come up with something. It may be a little kooky, humorous or hard to understand, but it's a creative thought nonetheless.

I think I'm going to go write down some of my creative thoughts because I am sure there's a novel brewing inside of my head somewhere. Let me know if you decide to take some thought that you think is "crazy" and turn it into a masterpiece.

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