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Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday's Muse - Harness ideas, complete projects

There is one thing I've noticed about myself as a writer that I am sure other creative folks have noticed about themselves: Ideas overflow. Although my muse often takes a break during the current project, assignment, post or thingamajig I'm working on, I always have a list of projects or ideas that I could be working on.

For instance:

1. Ask me what my novel is about.
2. Mention inventions and see if I don't have a notebook with several ideas.
3. Did you know I started another blog? (More information later - much later!)
4. I have a completed children's book manuscript with ideas for a series.
5. There's a nonprofit idea on the table (in the folder?).

... And I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

So, how do us creative types (or anyone with a multitude of ideas) harness those ideas and get them completed? I don't think I have the answer, do you?

Here's the problem I've run into: Almost any one of my ideas could be a potential moneymaker for me and change my life circumstances, but not one of them makes me money right now! So although I can spend everyday working on my novel, I wouldn't have time to write paid posts. Or, I could throw every extra dime I have into the development and marketing of my inventions, but - oh yea! - I forgot there aren't any extra dimes.

One bright spot is that I've been sending correspondence to potential agents to see if I can get representation for my children's book. If that doesn't work I'll look into marketing it to publishers myself, but for the time being at least I'm being a little proactive.

I guess that's the key: Start small. Well, just start! As long as I continue on the path to at least one of my dreams it's possible that I'll complete a project, right?

Do you have tips and ideas on how to harness ideas and get projects completed? If you do, I would love to hear about them.

Happy Monday!
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