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Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday's Muse - Can it happen to me?

I am not feeling particularly positive today, but I love to participate in Monday's Muse so I am going with an idea that I had a couple of weeks ago. The original title of the post was supposed to be "It could happen to me," but because I am in a mood I am being a little pessimistic. (Forgive me!) The good thing is: that doesn't necessarily change the possibility of the muse or creative moment.

Below my vision board, which I told you about a little while ago, is a bookcase. On top of that bookcase are, of course, some books. What's special about these books is the fact that I've been trying to begin some type of organization with them and it started with this shelf. I placed a group of books on this shelf that are by people who I know.

The picture above is of all the books (minus one all the way on the right) on that top shelf. (I've also begun putting all the books by the same author together, which is why you see books by Eric Jerome Dickey and Carl Weber - two of my favorite authors.)

The picture below more closely shows the books by individuals that I know. On the far left are two books by the bishop of the church I used to attend... Dale C. Bronner. Next to his books are two books by Brian Egeston who I originally met through an old friend, Brandon Massey, who's books are next to his. I also know Brian from Atlanta Good Life magazine, which we both used to write for.

Brandon originally self-published the book Thunderland, which was later picked up by a publisher and he has since written... I think five books in that series, edit some anthologies and some other highly acclaimed literary stuff. The next two books - one poetry and one motivational - are self-published ones that I edit for the authors. Actions Speak Louder, a novel, was written by Shandra Hill who I worked with at another publication when I first moved to Atlanta. And there's a small book called Simply Ridiculous by Millicent St. Claire who I met through a speaker's organization I used to write and edit for.

I put all of those books there where I can see them so I can remember that regular people wrote them. People who I actually know. If they can do it then I can do it, right? Well, I hope so.

This is not necessarily what is inspiring me this week (the week has already been rough) but it is one of the things I am trying to do to visually keep more positive things in front of me. And, right now, I could use all the positive I can get.

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