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Monday, January 5, 2009

Meet My Friends Monday 5: Introducing Carrie


Meet My Friends Monday is a meme that was started by my friend Toni at It Is Nap Time. It's a great way to highlight or share the blogging friends that we visit. I had originally decided to go down my blog roll and highlight my friends there (it's a good idea Toni had) especially since I don't visit all of them as regularly as I should, but when I met Carrie about a week ago I felt I had to tell you all about her.

Carrie's blog is Little Miss Hannah and it tells of her family's daily life with baby Hannah who is suffering from an undiagnosed illness. When I read their story I immediately fell in love with them. In fact, and I don't say this lightly, Little Hannah and her family have been on my mind almost everyday.

This is an excerpt from what Carrie writes to tell her blog visitors about Hannah:

Hannah was born on July 2008. After birth, she had an enlarged spleen, very low platelets, and an enlarged liver. We are now working with a team of five specialists including a genetics specialist to try and figure out what is going on. Currently, the lead diagnosis is Niemann Pick Type C, which we refuse to accept until it is proven to us. ...

You'll have to visit Carrie's blog to learn more about their life. Each post that she writes is touching and beautiful. You can feel the love, concern and joy leap off the screen. This is a special family with a wonderfully special little girl. I hope you'll stop by and show her some love as well as support her in her search for answers for Little Miss Hannah.
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