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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Listening to Digital Radio

Technology just keeps moving forward and one of the things you need to be "in the know" about is the exciting new technology of Digital Radio. If you like being one of the first to try something or are interested in the latest in technology then you may be interested in the Polk Audio I-sonic ES2, which has new HD Radio tuner technology plus an alarm clock and an IPod port. Don't take my word for it, visit to decide what digital radio is for you and whether you should upgrade your car, home or even your boat to Digital Radio. There are a lot of choices in table top radios, stereo component systems, home theater and in-dash automotive and marine radios.

Once you decide that you want to upgrade you can find an HD Digital radio station that broadcasts the type of music you like. For instance, you can visit and search for new country music stations. You can even find one in your area. So, if you live in Florida you would search for Florida radio stations.

HD Radio is crystal clear and allows access to more new stations with no monthly cost. What I like the most about digital radio is the fact that it works the same as conventional radio with the exception of the signals that are sent eliminate distortions like static, hissing, popping and fading. To listen to it you just need a HD Radio receiver.

Check it out today.
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