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Monday, January 26, 2009

I see it all

When I pull into my driveway I always wish that I had a flood light and an outdoor security camera on the left side of my house next to the garage. There is a spot there that gets pretty dark and being the big chicken that I am I always take an extra hard look in that area when I pull up. I can't even say that I do that only at night because for some reason I don't like that side of the house. It just seems a little scary.

When I first moved into the house I used to keep the brush and weeds cut back pretty nicely. Now the next door neighbor's bushes and stuff grow over the fence right there and there are some vines that I just don't like. And, to make matters worse, my neighbor erected a solid white fence on that side of the house so it's blocking whatever light used to come from the street on that side.

Luckily I have a street light in front of my house on the other side and the porch light is working right now, but it sure would be cool to have a Home Security Camera. I know that's an extreme expensive right now and even somewhat of an extravagance, but sometimes you can never be too safe.

When I think about getting a setup like that it reminds me of movies where they have security cameras, but are scared half to death by people lurking about or the electricity suddenly going out.

In reality I would not mind having a security camera right now to spy on my next door neighbors because they are always up to something, people are always coming and going, and there is always some type of noise coming from over there. It would have really come in handy not too long after I first moved in here when their teenager at the time was throwing soda cans onto my roof from an upstairs window. We were never able to get any proof or catch him in the act so getting something on a security camera would have been perfect.

How would you like to upgrade your home security system?
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