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Thursday, January 29, 2009

College tour #3

In just a few short months my teenager will be graduating from high school. This is a time that most people would say came quickly. It's not that time moved quickly; it's that I can still remember when she was born, her first day of school and, for that matter, I can remember her first day of daycare. The years have passed slowly, but her childhood has passed quickly and she's ready to move on to the next chapter in her life.

During the end of this chapter we are preparing for college. One of the biggest things is deciding where she wants to go. She's set on going to a college in state, which is good, and we have travelled to three campuses thus far. The first one we really like and she's already applied there. (Keep your fingers crossed that she gets in!)

The second one we liked okay, but where disappointed by the tour. How in the world can one make a good decision about a college when you don't go inside of any of the buildings? Hmmm... we still haven't figured that one out.

The third one, which we visited this pass Sunday, we didn't like at all. We really weren't in the mood for college touring, but the college is only an hour away from the house and we looked at it as a girl's day out. We enjoyed our ride there (well, I really enjoyed it because Amber drove!).

I tried to be sneaky and get a picture... Doesn't Amber looked thrilled by my need to record the moment for blogging history. Oh, I mean for her scrapbook!

When we arrived we liked how friendly the ambassadors were and were sort of impressed with their new building, the coliseum, which still smelled like paint. There was a large crowd of us sitting in the back-less bleachers. We were surprised by the crowd because the other tours we'd been on were smaller groups. We found out later that it was mostly a self-guided tour.

Their ensemble of xylophones entertained us while we waited and the music was awesome. The ambassadors led games before the presentation, but when the college's president got up to speak it was downhill from there.

It wasn't that his speech was bad, but it was more geared toward students who had already decided that the particular college was where they want to go. He spoke for at least 25 minutes about the college's achievements, the professors' achievements and so forth, but it was information I would have preferred to learn about once I am leaning toward the college. His speech did not give us an idea of if it was an institution that my daughter wants to spend four years attending.

Once we were released from the coliseum, there were different sessions to attend such as financial aid and campus housing as well as some others. We went to the financial aid session and I was hoping to learn some information I didn't know, but that wasn't the case. We also went to the campus housing session and then walked through the campus to a dorm, which was really, uh, not to our liking.

Amber was really ready to go by this time. Although I know everyone gets bored by their college class at some point, I figured this is what she would like like all the time if she attended this college.

Near the end of the tour we decided to use my $25 Applebee's gift card and stopped to eat at one near our home. We were pleased at the end of our meal when the bill totalled about $23 so we left the rest for the waitress. Not a great tip, but better than nothing. Then we stopped at Barnes and Noble to chat, peruse magazines and enjoy a beverage.

Even though I really enjoyed that time; the best part of the trip was this:

We saw that beautiful horse standing in the woods over a black colt. I don't know if you can see the baby. It looked like she was just standing in the middle of nowhere, but as we looked closer there were two other horses nearby so there must have been a fence separating her/them from the road. And, as we were pulling away, we saw a man lugging hay toward the horses.

That was so worth the outing.
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