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Friday, December 5, 2008

My body betrays me

Gag. Yuck. Nasty. That's my response to how I've been feeling. A little more than twenty four hours ago my stomach betrayed me. At the risk of grossing you out too much, let's just say I have been pretty sick. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing of things soon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Chaotic week

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scrapbooking attempts

I have made an attempt to make a scrapbook for someone for the longest time. I can not reveal who that person is because they might read this. An-t-way, I am once again trying to do a scrapbook and I have to start from scratch. I am not going to tell you my sad tales of my scrap booking mishaps (wrong paper, wrong glue, wrong stickers, no stickers, etc.), but trust me when I say it's a sad situation.

I don't really like doing scrapbooks I just like doing stuff for this person. Today, I had to sit down on the cold office floor because this is what was on our table:

It's the boutique edition of Monopoly that the teenager and I started playing on Sunday. Yup, Sunday. Two days ago. We might as well put it away because I don't think we'll get a chance to finish anytime soon.

Below you can see my unorganized scrap booking area. I know you can't see anything up close. I did that on purpose to hide from the recipient as well as keep from you that I smudged something on the first page already and don't have a replacement for it. But I am trying not to let that bother me and hope that the awesome-ness of this project will shine through over the mistakes.

(The empty space on the floor is where my butt was positioned as I stared dumbly at what I was trying to do.)

Wish me luck... I am sure I'll need it 'cause I first began this project about four years ago! :( What are your scrap booking successes and disasters? Do share. If you don't scrapbook; what projects give you a hard time.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Practical gifts for the holiday

Even though times are tough we all want to give the perfect gift. That's why I think a personalized giftcard is the absolute best solution. At you can upload a picture, artwork or graphic image and make your own unique card. This is a very practical gift for your loved ones, friends, co-workers and associates because the card is FDIC insured and can be used anywhere that accepts Visas. That means the person will be able to purchase necessities like gas and groceries, which will be very helpful this year.


About my trip, Thanksgiving and having fun!

To say I enjoyed my trip would be an understatement. I had the special treat of staying at a hotel: The Hyatt Summerfield Suites ... and the room was beautiful. My favorite hotel was the Comfort Inn that was until I stayed at this one. Everything about the accommodations is first rate in my book.

This is what the bedroom area looked like after housekeeping came by...

But this is what it looked like most of the time. I spent pretty much the entire time in that bed...

Sometimes I moved to the living room area... I sat on that couch twice (out of five days! LOL)...

And, of course, I shuffled out to the kitchen to get some coffee or a snack. (Excuse how messy it was. I never could get a picture of it cleaned up.) ...

One of the best parts was the bubble bath that I indulged in on the last night. That was definitely a luxury...

My BFF Frankie and I went to his cousin's house on Thursday for Thanksgiving dinner. His family was wonderful and I was really happy because they welcomed me like family. On Friday morning we went to visit my mother and also saw my brother and his wife. It was kind of funny to see them there since they live in Augusta, Georgia, only two hours from me here. I had to go all the way to MD just to see them. They had visited my sister-in-law's family in Philly for Thanksgiving.

On Friday evening we ate a second Thanksgiving dinner at his mom's house and I enjoyed teasing him with his brother and his sister-in-law. Their sweet toddler (Frankie's niece) was there as well so I got a baby fix while I was there.

Both dinners were absolutely delicious. I'm sure I ate way more calories than I should have, but I am pleased that I didn't go too overboard.

Saturday we went to the movies and saw Twilight. It was so good that we picked up the book at Barnes and Noble on the way out of the mall so we could see what was left out. (Remember, he and I are doing our long distant book club.)

We plan on reading other books in the series and are looking forward to the next movie to come out. Well... I think that about sums up my time away from home. There's the Mexican food we had one night and all the television I watched, but I'm sure you don't need to hear about that. All in all I am so happy that I was able to get away and can't wait until I can do it again.

Monday's Muse - Ideas, thoughts & more

My muse this week is all over the place. I have thoughts about what I want to do for those I love and care about for the holidays, birthdays and just to say "hello, I care." I have ideas about what I want to do to make some more money. And, given that I am just back home after visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving, I have a myriad of thoughts about what I need to do this week.

Hopefully, I'll get it all well thought out and planned to put in writing to share with you here. But, for now, know that my muse for this week is honing in on exactly what I need to do in all areas of my life.

Sometimes we have to wait on our muse to focus and lead us. I hope it doesn't take long and that the mail that has piled up, along with the to-do list that's waiting for me as well as everything else I have to do doesn't prevent it (the muse) from finding me and helping me to focus.

Oh... and be on the lookout for a brief update on my trip home. It was most enjoyable! I hope your muse finds you and that you really enjoyed your holiday and weekend.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off on a getaway

This is a sticky post BUT there may be up-to-date posts below...

This day has been a whirlwind of activity as I got the three smaller kids out of the house this morning and to the babysitter where their father will pick them up later. I've straigtened and semi-cleaned so that there isn't much to do. Unfortunately, I won't get around to completely cleaning out the fridge so I hope there aren't too many surprises in there when I get back... Oh yea, that's what I wanted to tell you: I will leave this afternoon for my mini vacation to Maryland.

(In case any crazies are wondering: Yes, I do have a guard dog! And the occasional neighbor and nice people who will come by and check on my home.)

I am not sure if I'll get the chance to post while I'm away (until Sunday) so you'll have this post to come back to and catch up on your Woman's World reading. That's right... here are links to posts that I think you might enjoy. There could be some you've never read so be sure to check them out.

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My teenager (who is visiting family in Texas) and I will return early Sunday afternoon and the younger children will be home on Monday evening.

In the meantime, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend with the opportunity to do whatever your heart desires. I'll "see" you on Sunday, but I do hope that I get the chance to pop by your blog, do some dropping and even a little posting. (Don't tell my BFF 'cause he says I am to rest the entire time. :D)
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