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Saturday, November 8, 2008

One step up, two steps back

Recovering from my procedure seemed to be coming along fairly well until I started getting fluid/cold or something in my chest. The coughing, of course, aggravates my stomach and causes a little pain. I wake up this morning feeling weak after spending most of the night coughing. I have a headache, but I don't think I am anymore sore than normal. I had anticipated getting some housework done, but I am propped in bed trying to gain some strength. And, I probably should mention the fact that one of my incisions tore a little. BIG SIGH.

I am going to sip some tea with lemon, poke around a little more in the blogosphere and read my magazines. Well, that's the plan, but it'll only happen if the migraine that is lurking behind the scenes goes away. Have you ever gotten that "thing" in your eye (you know, the pulsating black/light swiggly thing that singles a migraine)? Well, I am hoping that want normally happens when I see that in my eye doesn't occur. It normally means a smashing headache comoplete with nausia, light sensitivity and dizziness. I guess I shouldn't have had that popcorn because it was way too salty.

I hate being sickly or incapacitated. I mean I was good and lounged on the couch watching all of my recorded shows for most the week so that my incisions would heal and that there wouldn't be any unnecessary pain. Well, you know how that works when you have children. There are toys, clothes and papers everywhere as well as a whole week's worth of chores to be done.

Okay, this was supposed to be a short post to let you know that I'm around but not 100 percent so that if I left an incoherent comment on your blog or wrote something here that doesn't sound quite right then you would know why. Now it's turning into a rant. Oh well, I am sure you understand. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Can I beat him at Backgammon?

My friend Lewis, who lives in New York, spends a lot of time playing games online. Sometimes he plays alone and other times he plays with other online gamers. I haven't really gotten into playing games online, but when I found out about I figured I could learn to play and then challenge him to a game.

I wasn't sure if I remembered the rules of the game (since it's been such a long time since I've played) so when I clicked over the first thing I did was check out the backgammon rules, which included the objective of the game and details of how to play. Then, because I want to seem like I know what I am talking about when I challenge Lewis, I checked out the terminology and strategy sections.

There are also Online Backgammon Game Guides to learn from and game rooms where there are tournaments and all types of activities going on.

Now I think I am ready to challenge Lewis and kick his butt in backgammon. Do you think I'll be able to pull it off?

Finding my way back

I feel like I've been out of sorts for weeks now when in fact it's only been about two days. The drowsiness from pain medicine and the soreness from the incisions along with dealing with my four children and still taking them to their appointments and commitments this week has kind of worn me out. HOWEVER, I am happy to say that I am feeling a little more human this afternoon.

This morning as I was doing my regular carpooling I could barely keep my eyes open. I dropped the two middle children off at HeadStart, came back home to get the youngest and the oldest, took the youngest to daycare and the oldest to the GI. After that I took the teenager to school and called my best friend to talk to me as I drove home. I climbed into bed and dozed off and on for about three hours.

I haven't taken anymore pain medicine and I don't plan on it because it has me too out of sorts. Now I have to deal with the congestion that has invaded my chest -- I think it's from the breathing tube that was down my throat. So, I've taken some Emergen-C, echinacea and some vitamins.

All that's left is getting back into my fibromyalgia care routine and catch up with my work. Well, that's how most of my week has went... how has your week been?

On the turf with tactical pants

I have a friend, who I've known for about 18 years, that is into what I guess you can call guy stuff. He races motorcycles, collect guns and likes the latest technology. The other day he was telling me about some ammunition he wanted to get at a gun show and when I asked him if he'd had fun at the show he said, "Oh, it was okay. They didn't have everything that I wanted."

It is always interesting to find out what different people like and what they're into. I know that he likes to go to indoor and outdoor gun ranges. At the indoor range, which I've been to before (I'm a good shot, by the way) people normally just wear regular clothes. I was wondering, however, what they wear when they go to an outdoor gun range. Maybe they're all hanging out in 5.11 Tactical Pants. Can't you just picture it? A bunch of guys pretending to be Rambo. :D


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off schedule, out of sorts

My health and weight loss journal

Please forgive my absence. I know I have been missing from updates and from visiting and commenting. In fact, I am hoping this note is coherent as I am very drowsy, a little sore and somewhat drugged.

I had minor outpatient surgery yesterday. I know. I know. I didn't tell you about it because I thought I could get it done and be back to normal by today, but I can barely concentrate.

Let's just say I have taken steps to ensure that I won't reproduce anymore. :) They weren't able to do the Essure method so I had a bilateral tubaligation. The Essure is where they take two titanium coils and insert one in each fallopian tube. They form scar tissue over the course of three months. Because of the thickness of the lining in my uterus (is that TMI?) they did the tubal instead. The Essure would have been about 24 hours recovery, but this is gonna be two or three days.

The incision area is sore and I've had a busy day today so I think I'm going to relax on the couch for about 30 minutes before I have to pick up the children (Andre and Amareah from HeadStart, Anna from daycare and Amber from swim practice).

So if you don't see me around until Thursday or Friday then you know why. I'll resume my weight loss and Sensa updates next week, and hopefully be back on schedule with everything else this week.

Historic times

The feelings I have today are running the gamut. Pride, excitement, joy, awe... Senator Barack Obama is our president elect. A black man. Wow!

Now, when I look at my children and tell them they can be whatever they want to be, EVEN PRESIDENT, it will be true. This morning I called my grandmother who is in her late 80s and asked her what she thought about Obama being the president. "It's wonderful... I never thought I would see the day."

That's what a lot of people have been saying.

What I hope will come out of this, in addition to change in our nation, is that we -- as Americans, as humans -- will rally behind our country's leader. We will look beyond the color of his skin like Martin Luther King Jr. always talked about. Yes, it's historic that a black man is our 44th president. But what would be even more historic is if we (regardless of which way you voted) could finally unite and support this country's next president.

Picture taken by Damon Winter for The New York Times

Monday, November 3, 2008

Award from new blogging buddy

I was very surprised and pleased when I received this award from a new blogging buddy. It is such a sweet gesture that I had to make sure I posted it. (It took me less than a week and I didn't even forget!)

Those rules of this award are as follows:
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least seven (7) other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the persons you've nominated.

Well, you know how I like to buck the system so I am not going to tag seven people right now. However I reserve the right to do it later.

Summertime memories

I love warm weather, and I am the type of person who dreams about beaches and visits to the park while I am huddled up inside during the winter months. If I could I would probably move to Florida and I have had daydreams about living on the side of a mountain in Jamaica or on a secluded beach in the Turks and Caicos.

It's weird how those images are so vivid in my head. Well, I guess I should say those fantasies, huh? Since I was thinking about warm weather fun it reminded me that I hadn't shared pictures with you from an Atlanta Parent magazine event that I volunteered at about a month ago. While I volunteered (I was assisting parents at the baby changing station) my teenager took the three younger kids around to enjoy the day.

Here are some shots of their fun:

Giddy up horsy! Anna looks like she is having a lot of fun riding the mini rocking horse...
Is that a hippo or elephant that she fell into? She doesn't seem to care either way...
They had a ball getting dirty and drawing at the sidewalk chalk area. Anna's clothes were totally covered in pink and green chalk...
If I'm not mistaken this is the first time they've touched a goat and got the chance to brush him too!...
I don't think Anna knew what to make of the donkey. It looks like she turned around to ask her big sister a question, "So... Amber? What exactly is that?" LOL. I love the look on her face!...

These pictures of Andre and Amareah holding the rooster are very cute, but the only thing I could think of when I saw them was, "I hope their sister washed their hands directly afterwards!"

Of course the day would not be complete without a bunch of jumping, sliding and bouncing:

Overall, I think they had fun. What do you think?


Easing Pain with Infrared Saunas

As a person who suffers from chronic pain (due to fibromyalgia) I am always looking for ways to find some relief besides taking medications. I've tried stretching and exercises, and have even found some relief with a heating pad. That is why I was excited to learn about Infrared Saunas. These saunas have been shown to give pain relief, but they also assist and/or alleviate symptoms such as arthritis, joint stiffness, menopausal symptoms, low blood pressure, menstruation pain, eczema, sore throat, nose bleeds, sunburn and many other ailments and conditions.

A far infrared sauna, like those sold at, can penetrate up to one and half inches into the muscle tissue. This is state-of-the-art heat therapy.

If you're like me and suffer from chronic pain or you're looking for a way to improve your skin, lose weight or cleanse your body (among other things) then give a infrared sauna a try.


Monday's Muse - Who inspires me?

Over at Maternal Spark she asked us creative moms to write about who inspires us. Wow, this is gonna be a little difficult for me today 'cause I am feeling a little down BUT I am sure as I write the sparks (and muse!) will begin to flow.

I am actually inspired by many people. First, my four children who are often amazing and beautiful when they're not being naughty. Without knowing it they remind me of why I shouldn't give up. Secondly, one of my best friends. There are a few close friends I have in my life, but there is one who is always there IMing me, texting me and talking to me to encourage me. Sometimes he just sits "nearby" (on the phone or IM since he's a 12-hour drive away) or talks me through a project or writing until inspiration hits. Lastly, I am inspired by individuals I don't personally know. Like Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry and Robin McGraw.

It is my hope that I can reach pure happiness like that of a child, that I can have pure optimism like my BFF Frankie gives me or that I can have pure financial and personal success like the celebrities I mentioned above. Now that, my friends, is inspiration.

For more of my Monday's Muse, click here.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

And the winner is...

As many of you know I participated in the Bloggy Giveaways Carnival for the first time. Well the contest ended a couple of days ago and a winner has been chosen. I guess I won't beat around the bush any longer. The winner is Jinxy and Me.

Jinxy and Me won the cute little t-shirt shown here and she has five days to respond to the email I am sending today.

Congratulations to Jinxy and Me!
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