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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Turning 40...

Today is my 40th birthday and I must say I am enjoying myself. No, I haven't done much of anything yet... I am just relaxing. I enjoyed a light breakfast(which was prepared by my teenager), received a wonderful gift from my BFF (which I'll shared with you later), got a call that my other BFF put something in my bank account (now that's what I'm talking about!), watched a little television (recordings of Army Wives and How to Look Good Naked), read some of my book (Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz) and tiptoed into the office while everyone was out to write you a little note.

I really don't know what else is planned for today. My oldest daughter and my BFF have told me that I just need to be ready to go out at about 5 p.m. and dressed in "business casual." Hmmmm? Because I'm not used to not knowing something and being out of control, I had a dream that I was going to England tonight! LOL. Now wouldn't that be a trip (LMAO) - literally!

As I celebrate this momentous, once-in-a-lifetime occasion, I am lightly reflecting on my life, enjoying the moment to relax and relishing in the love I am receiving. Reaching 35 was a little rough on me, but so many women lament on how the 40s are wonderful and to embrace every minute. With that advice in mind, I plan on doing just that.

I'll share the journey with you whether it's ups and downs or goods and bads - we'll do it together and I know I will be okay. This past year has been difficult for me, but I can say I am finally in a place where I know myself better and love myself more. No, everyday isn't easy and the stress can be overwhelming, but I can and will survive... One day I will reach more goals I've set, look back and relish in the lessons I've learned and feel complete satisfaction in who I am.

Right now I continue to learn, grow, experience and love... and that is enough. Who I am is enough and today I'll enjoy just that.

Wow! 40! Let the celebration begin...

Promote peace

I had planned on writing a deep post on promoting peace and doing something about it. Well, in the midst of my day, I find that my brain is relaxed and I am left with a little less creativity than I normally have.

So, I am going to direct you to my friend -- and an excellent writer -- who wrote a moving post about Peace Day, which is tomorrow. Check her out and then come back and let me know if you decide to Do Something.

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shopaholic meme

Terrific Tammy tagged me with this meme and It seems like a perfect time to post it since my daughter and I went shopping today to find an outfit for me to wear tomorrow.

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6. Enjoy Shopping !!!

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It's almost midnight and I'm a little tired so I'm just going to tag the first five people who read this. Uh, yeah, that means you. Thanks. :D LOL.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Do you dream of Cartier watches?

If someone told me I could choose anything I wanted for my 40th birthday I think I would have to say, "Buy me one of those Cartier watches!" Now, those watches -- like the one you see here, which is the Cartier Tankissime Ladies' Watch in 18K Yellow Gold Silver with Dial Diamond Bezel -- scream class, style and sophistication.

You can find watches like that one and cartier mens for your favorite fella at The Watchery. They have a wide selection of fabulous looking time pieces in various brands, but my favorite is Cartier and I'm sure you can see why.

One of the great things about The Watchery is their prices. For instance, the watch you see here is 25 percent less at The Watchery compared to most retailers list prices. And you don't have to worry about the authenticity of the pieces because all of their watches are guaranteed as 100 percent authentic with serial numbers. This is a customer friendly site (and company) that offers free shipping to all United States addresses.

I think I present a perfect case for you to purchase my favorite Cartier watch for me and have it shipped -- for free -- to my address just in time for my birthday on Saturday. Don't you agree?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the big leagues now

My youngest baby is growing and developing by leaps and bounds. She went from barely toddling around to trying to run; she went from only using her fingers to feed herself to attempting to maneuver a spoon and she follows directions like putting her diaper in the garbage can.

And now she's graduated from her high chair to the big kids' table. And she's loving it. I actually can't take the credit for this one because she sits at a big kid table at the daycare provider's house.

When I asked Kellie where Anna was sitting to eat and she told me. I said, "Oh, I'll have to bring the two-seater table back that you gave me and get another one." So she was kind enough to let me swap the square table with two seats for the kid's picnic-like table.

Isn't she cute sitting there like a big girl?


Get paid to write blog posts

There are a lot of bloggers who blog for the sheer fun of it, there are bloggers who blog to make money and there are a combination of both. I happen to be one of those bloggers who enjoys blogging just for the sake of it and who also needs to make a little extra dough.

One of the great ways to do this when you have a blog is to write posts for advertisers and get paid to do it. It's called blog marketing and it helps to create some buzz for products and services. By joining sites like Snapbomb that connect you with advertisers, you can make some extra money for doing one of the things that you do best: blogging.

It's easy to get started: You sign up for a free account and after your blog is approved you look for opportunities to write about products and/or services, you write your post, submit it for approval and get paid. I don't know about all bloggers but I, for one, choose paid opportunities that I either support, agree with or like. That's one of the great things about writing paid posts because you can choose what to write about.

It's that simple.

So, if you'd like to try your hand at writing paid posts then be sure to check out Snapbomb. The site is easy to use and follow AND you'll be making money in no time.

Win a Best Buy gift card

There's a little buzz going around that Erika Jean is holding a contest and giving away a $25 Best Buy gift card. After reading this on a couple of blogs I decided to hop on over and check it out. I found out about her contest, how easy it is to enter and even enjoyed reading about how she decided to hold a giveaway.

Pop on over and check her out.

The boob tube


Let the celebration begin

My 40th birthday celebration has already begun with some loving gestures from family and friends. My daughter began cooking and preparing dinner every night beginning Sept. 1 (Isn't she sweet?), which she'll do for an entire month. AND yesterday I received the most beautiful surprise delivery:

Aren't those roses divine? When I told the delivery person that it was a pleasant surprise. He said, "Yea, my daughter says I deliver smiles."

How so very true.

Oh, and I can't forget my mommy who sent me a birthday card with a monetary gift enclosed. That is much appreciated too!

Thanks BFF, dear daughter and mommy poo for thinking of me and making my 40th birthday, which is officially this Saturday, one to be remembered and cherished! Smooches.

I've heard through the grapevine that there's more to come and I'll share as much as I can. Wish you were here to celebrate with me. :D

Wordless Wednesday - Last blooms of summer


Take control of your future

You never know what's going to happen in the future like having to face a serious illness during the prime of your life. What a lot of us -- women -- don't know is there is a way to treat a number of potentially life-threatening diseases like osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease that may affect us, a parent, a sibling or our own children. The key can be found in our own bodies: stem cells that can be harvested from menstrual blood.

Thanks to the research and technology of C’elle, a service dedicated to providing women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in her menstrual fluid each month, a woman can take control of her future in the privacy of her own home.

C’elle has an easy e collection process then processes the menstrual cells and cryo-preserves them for potential use in the future. The ability to take control of your future like that can be empowering.

During a limited-time "Caring is Sharing" promotion, a woman can purchase C'elle for herself and gift the service to a friend or loved one for free. The purchase can be made at the C'elle website. And, while you're there check out C'elle Client Testimonial for more information.

LoudLaunch - Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's in my handbag?

My good friend Pinay Jade tagged me with this and I have to do it since I said I would. However, I am a little embarrassed to reveal my purse because I saw the handbag posts of some of my other friends and theirs were so neat, clean and had little in them. (I even accused them of doctoring their purses before they took the pictures! LOL)

Well... here goes nothing. (Now, don't you go talking bad about me behind my back!)

Here are the rules: Find a safe quiet place free of significant others, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general. (If you're a guy just reverse this process to male and tell us about your wallet, tool box, briefcase or metro sexual accessory.)

1. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.
2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents.
3. Be brave and 'splain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.
4. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves
5. Answer the questions below.

I have to say I love this bag. I got it for a great deal from JcPenney: It's a $48 Sag Harbor and I got it for about $7!! Please don't take me for the name brand bragger woman, but you have to admit that's worth talking about.

Describe the contents of your handbag.

Upon first glance everything looks pretty neat. I have some gum in the little pocket there at the top left of the picture, some pens to the right of that along with my business card holder and my essentials (like lip gloss, Chapstick, lipstick, Band-Aids, mini deodorant, and other stuff I can't remember) in the little black pouch. Then there's my wallet, one of my checkbooks, a bunch of papers and receipts, and the little red and white book is a mini journal where I make my medical notes. That's a lot, huh? Oh yea, there are some secret pockets with pantyliners and sanitary napkins. Okay, I think that's it. Oh, I forgot my pocket calendar where I write... uh, well, you don't need to know that.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?

I guess the most important thing is my wallet with my identification and stuff, but the cell phone (which is in an outside pocket under the little handy dandy change purse) is just as important.

What's the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?

I don't embarrass too easily, but I guess the most embarrassing thing is the way everything looked when I dumped it all out.

I guess you know I cleaned out my purse after this, huh?

What's the smallest thing in your handbag?

A dime? LOL. I don't know. Maybe a Hall's cough drop, which I don't even know how long it's been in there.

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?

Who comes up with these questions?! As far as I know: No!

I am going to tag Tina F and Shaunalynn. (Yes, Shaunalynn, I know you're going to yell at me. This one is easy though. :D)


Moving on down the scale...

My health and weight loss journal

I'm feeling a little proud of myself today because I've lost another pound (see my weight loss ticker at the top!). It feels good to have something positive happen. ... As I've told you before I probably would have lost more weight by now if I'd be consistent with the workout, but I am happy that I am fairly consistent with my eating habits and that has greatly contributed to the weight I've lost.

You may also remember that I said I wanted to lose the weight by September 20th, which is my 40th birthday. I am 19 pounds away from my original goal, but I am happy with the 30 pounds I've lost so far. My new goal (since I'm not going to berate myself for not losing the entire amount by a certain date) is to continue to lose weight steadily and whatever weight I am by December 31 is the weight I will be happy with.

I think that's fair because I plan on continuing eating healthy and incorporating movement and exercise into my life. Although I know I should exercise more, I also know that particular activity is going to take a little more patience and motivation to make a regular part of my life.

So celebrate with me, okay?! Oh... and be on the lookout (sometime this weekend) for my before and after pictures.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Where'd she go?

One day last week when I picked up the two middle children from HeadStart, my 3-year-old daughter did not want to come with me. I tried to convince her, pretend I was going to leave her and even got her 4-year-old brother to coax her and nothing worked.

I ended up putting on my "firm voice" and making her walk over to me and then I conned her (and babied her!) by picking her up. I was hugging her to me, walking and grabbing the 4 year old's hand. He was a little distracted and wouldn't loop his fingers in my jeans' pocket.

"Andre," I said and glanced at him, "pay attention. Hold my pocket."

He was watching some cars go by and then he abruptly stopped, "No!"

"What?" I said. He was looking around like he'd lost something.

"Where's 'Mareah?"

"Andre, look at me!"

He shook his head and looked back at the school. He almost seemed panicked.

"Andre!" I said his name a little louder, but he started to shake his head.

"Where's Amareah!"

"Andre, look at me!"

He finally looked up at my face and still didn't see her... I pointed to the child I was holding.

You should have seen the look of fear drain away as his eyes registered that I was holding his sister. (I guess it's possible he thought I was holding the baby because I never pick up the bigger kids anymore.) As I tried to suppress a laugh, a smile tickled the corner of his lips and we both laughed. Even Amareah started to chuckle.

"You didn't see her?" I asked, still laughing.

He shook his head no again, but this time he was smiling.

BTW: Have I ever mentioned that my two middle children are very close? :D

Here are Amareah and Andre (who are only 15 months apart) riding their baby sister's toy. I know this picture is a little blurry, but it's one of the few times I can see what everyone else is saying: Someone always tells me that they look just alike and I never see it. Here's the proof!

Check us out!

I saw this cute little thing on Farah's Awards & Taggies blog and I just had to test it out for myself. Kind of cute, don't ya think?

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy
Create your own family sticker graphic at


Mounting frustrations

When my youngest daughter was born she automatically had newborn Medicaid because I had Pregnancy Medicaid. What is supposed to happen is that after the child turns 1 year old they are then put on the regular Medicaid when you do a review around the time of their birthday.

I did my review in April and she turned 1 in May. Despite providing all the necessary paperwork and applying for all the children; she is still the only child without proper health insurance coverage. This has become so frustrating because not only is it already one month past the time for her 15-month check up, but in July I had to take her to the emergency room (not realizing at the time that she wasn't covered) and received a bill for the visit for about $250 plus the doctor's fees of almost $200.

I have been trying to get this situation straight while rescheduling her check up each time. I took her in for a sick baby visit to the tune of $85, but the well-baby visit will be quite a bit more costly plus a separate cost for the immunizations she'll need.

About two weeks ago -- after repeated phone calls, leaving messages and being re-directed -- I went up to the office pulled a number and waited to talk to a customer service person. My case file was checked, determined to be open and I was told to call the change center to add the baby.

I went home, called the change center, waited on hold for about 15 minutes only to be hung up on by a rude operator who would not look up the file like I was trying to tell him to. That is even a long story, but it involves the fact that I have two files under my social security number. Every time I go to the office and they put in my social security number they always come up with a file dated from about 1996 or 1997 that is under my maiden name.

I have to explain that I changed my name six years ago and for some reason when I applied again in a different county the worker created two files. Instead of merging the files the old one always pulls up. Then they have to search my name and birth date to get both files to come up.

Well, the operator said there was nothing there and when I tried to explain the problem he hung up on me. I was going to get into my car and go back up there but I called back and asked for a supervisor. The lady nicely inquired whether she could help. I told her what had happened and she found all the information I needed (and that she needed to help me), and spent about 20 minutes filling out the forms and updating my record.

She said the baby would be added and all I needed to do was send in her shot record by a certain date. She was mailing the letter for me to know where and when to send it. I received the letter and faxed a copy of what she needed. To ensure that it made it I also mailed a copy.

Today, I get a call from the pediatrician saying AGAIN that my youngest daughter isn't covered and to go to the office and talk to someone about it.


I tried calling again... the line has been busy all morning. I tried a different number and couldn't get anyone. I even checked the eligibility line to make sure -- yup, no coverage. And I don't see the point in going back up there again to do the same thing I did two weeks ago.

So, I applied online for a different health program and hope that it goes through quickly. When the government laments about a system put into place to help those who need it and to ensure that our children are medically covered; they fail to mention the substandard service and care. They neglect to mention the hoops you have to jump through.

They don't care if you've been simply fallen on hard times and need a little help to take care of your family. All that matters is that they make it sound good. Low income = shit outta luck.
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