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Friday, September 5, 2008

Uh... booty call?!

Every morning while I am dropping the three youngest kids off, I've been listening to different radio stations. For the past two mornings, I've ended up on the same radio station at around the same time. I'm not sure which one it is, but they have this thing called Booty Call.

Someone calls in and the DJs give the person a code word they have to use when calling their significant other to see if they can get the person to agree to come over right then for a booty call. Yesterday's word was hurricane and the girl who called her boyfriend didn't have to convince him too much to turn around on his commute to work and get to her job for a "category 5" booty call.

Today's word was Mickey Mouse. The girl who called her boyfriend said she wanted the guy to leave work and meet her at her house so they could play Mickey Mouse. He said, "What?" And he sounded a little irritated.

She said, "Come on baby, meet me at the house to play Mickey Mouse."

Then it was like it dawned on him all of a sudden. He said, "You mean like we played doctor that time?"

She said yes. So he said, "I'll be Mickey if you'll be Minnie."

He agreed to meet her at her house before the timer went off at the radio station.

It was so funny.

So, without revealing too much information, what code word do you use with your spouse or significant other to signal it's time to get it on? If you don't have a code word, what code do you think would be a good one to try?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Look who's visiting

Remember that spider I told you about? Well, I finally captured a picture of one on my deck at the back of the house. You tell me: Does he look like the one I showed you in my other post?

I wasn't too happy to see him sitting outside of my kitchen window waiting for his prey. Luckily I remembered to capture a picture of him before he went to bug heaven via a healthy dose of bug spray (Thanks, Frankie!).

What kind of critters do you have hanging around your home?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Consolidate debt and save

If you're like me you're using coupons, hitting the sales and only traveling close to home all in an effort to save money. Another option for helping to ease the financial burden is consolidating debt.

Not many people know that there are different ways to consolidate debt including debt consolidation loans, debt management plans or credit counseling and debt settlement. I think if I were going to consolidate my debt, I would choose to use a debt management program, which allows you to make one payment to the program then it distributes the money directly to your creditors. These types of programs are designed to help you reduce interest and payments, which will ultimately save you money.

You can learn more about your options at, which is "your one stop resource for saving money." can show you how to get out of debt; they'll explain your options and show you how to find trustworthy debt relief professionals.

Reducing debt and saving money is extremely important in such an uncertain economy, and consolidating debt is an excellent way to save money. Once those financial obligations are taken care of then there will be money to put aside for emergencies like an unexpected plumbing program or loss wages.

Having money saved for the unexpected will give you peace of mind. Wouldn't you rather have a little peace and some money in the bank instead of debt hanging over your head? I know I would.


Do you keep track?

I was just sitting here wondering if you have a system for keeping track of the freebies and samples you receive. I mean, for instance, when you order a freebie do you write it down in a spreadsheet with the date you ordered, where you ordered from, where you found the information and the date you should expect it?

Seems a bit extreme, but I was thinking that some of you ladies must have a system because I notice when you comment on someone else's blog that you received the item they told you about four to six weeks ago. Am I the only one with a bad memory or what?

I click links, order samples and freebies and go about my merry way. I like to leave a comment on the blog that had the link thanking them for posting it and telling them I'm going order it. But I have never -- maybe hardley ever (but I don't remember!) -- remembered to go back and tell them I got it.

Yes, this is my random thought for the day that I decided to share with you. I'm sure you get random thoughts too, right? :D

Get your flirt on

"Baby, you must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day!" I don't know who originally came up with that line, but I think I heard it for the first time on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air spoken by none other than Will Smith.

That line didn't get him any Victory Hair and it definitely won't get you any either. But do you think you have what it takes to win the Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game? If you think you do then I challenge you to head on over and try your luck. As a matter of fact, if you have a blog then you should post the widget there and invite others. (Or you can post it on your social page like MySpace.)

Imagine how much fun our avatars will have trying to beat each other in a flirting game. I already checked it out and I can't wait to try my luck against some of my friends to see who's the best flirt.

I'll give you a little tip on the flirting side of things and you tell me if you can pull something like it off. My teenager daughter gets hit on quite a bit so she's told me about all kinds of pick-up lines that guys have used on her. Most are terrible, but there was one that we had to give the guy props for. He asked her what her name is and when she said Amber he said, "That's my favorite color."

Talk about smooth. Now if you use a line like that on someone then you'll be sure to end up with victory hair. Try flirting with your spouse or your love interest (I hope you know him pretty well) and use your best flirting attempts. Then come back here and tell me about it. Or, better yet, head on over to play Extreme Style by VO5's Ultimate Flirting Championship game. You never know, you could win and walk away with some prizes.

Good luck and have fun achieving victory hair.

For more widgets please visit

Sponsored by Extreme Style by VO5

Big 4-0

In just 17 days there will be a momentous occasion - My 40th birthday. Wow, it seems weird to write (type) that. 40. Wow.

I'm not going to get into the myriad of thoughts and emotions that flood me as I approach this milestone. At least not yet. I am just remaining positive about each day that I have to accomplish things and the fact that I am doing fairly well managing my health thanks to the drugs... LOL... uh, medications.

I think I still look fairly young despite the fact that more and more people are calling me "ma'am." But, hey, at least I look mature enough to be given that honor and term of respect.

On another note... I'm wondering what the future brings, but I'm trying not to dwell on that either. Although I would like to know what's going to happen during this month. That's why I read my horoscope. :D

I don't normally follow it, but I do read it once in awhile. In the September issue of Harper's Bazaar the horoscope for Virgo (August 24-September 23) read, "You are tested on discipline, patience, and keeping your nerve. An attitude of 'fight the fear' is needed. Midmonth, refrain from becoming upset by others' flakiness and do not envy their freedom; stay contained while they go their crazy way. Later, if difficult domestic dealings drive you to draw boundaries, do it decisively but with dignity." This prediction was by Leigh Oswald.

Hmmm, what could it mean? Especially with the alliteration. You know what I think? All that use of "d" words is referencing my husband (who most of you know I am getting a divorce from) whose name begins with a "d." Whatever happens I will be sure to handle it with dignity and maturity. Hey, that's the only way to go when you're going to be 40 and FABulous!

Any momentous occasions coming up for you?

Wordless Wednesday


Enter a contest that promotes eating well

I hate to say it, but I forgot about a contest that my friend Tammy is holding. I guess it slipped my mine because it's open to Canadian residents so I can't enter. That's okay because I can still talk about it and urge you to enter.

Mom Knows Everything

Loblaw's has started a new program called Eat Well, Save More and they, along with Mom Knows Everything, are having a giveaway. According to Tammy's blog, "You can win [a] President's Choice Green Box filled with Tostitos, Diana Sauce, Jell-O, Kraft Salad Dressing and Ocean Spray Cocktail. Contest is open to Canadian residents. ... The contest closes at midnight AST on Friday, September 5th with the winner being announced the following day."

Be sure to go to her blog and check out the details of how to enter. Good luck!

Domain name update

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but I finally obtained my own domain name: If you remember, a few months ago I asked you to vote on what you thought my blog should be named and here are the final results:

A Woman & Her World --------------------------------------- 16 (30%)

Woman's POV --------------------------------------------------- 7 (13%)

Point of View: from a writer-mom-woman perspective ----- 3 (5%)

Leave it the way it is ------------------------------------------ 16 (30%)

I don't like any of those choices ----------------------------- 11 (20%)

I decided to leave it the way it is, but use my name as the domain because I eventually want to re-design the blog and have a link where potential clients can access my writing portfolio and bio. Basically add my writing site to my blog. But, don't worry, my daily blog stuff will still be first, foremost and most apparent.

Now onto some additional business:

If you were so kind as to add my badge or my link to your site, please update it with the new domain: I really appreciate that.

Here's the new code for the badge, which was created by one hot blogging mama Tammy! (Thanks for all of your help, Tammy.) If you don't already have it be sure to get it (pretty please!) and pass it on to your blogging friends! Not only is it my badge, but it's a little blogging award for those who you think are a Diamond of a Woman.

It's A Woman's World


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reading across the miles

I can remember loving to read from the first time I could pick up a book and understand the words. It has been a way for me to learn new things, get lost in alternate realities, improve upon my writing or just plan relax and enjoy a good story.

When I had my first child, I still found time to read on a fairly regular basis. Then having four children -- with three of them under school age -- finding time to enjoy a book had taken a back burner.

Until recently.

Although I don't get a chance to read as often as I would like, I am happy to say I have found a wonderful way to incorporate reading into my life again. It's even more fun because I also include a friend.

My Maryland BFF and I have started a book club called Across the Miles. Before I get into the details, let me just say that this isn't a call for members or other readers. We're not organized and we just gave ourselves a name so we could sound all official like. ;)

A few months ago when we decided to read books together I scoured my bookshelves for one I haven't read. I mean, why run out and purchase new books when there are tons sitting right under my nose?

While I was browsing I came across "Wraith: A Zoe Martinique Investigation" by Phaedra Weldon. Here's a portion of the back jacket text:

"Zoe Martinique was just your average, single female, past 25, looking for love and/or exciting job opportunities. Until life handed her the dubious ability to travel outside of her body at will -- which she turned into a career, hiring herself out as a literal spook. Industrial espionage, domestic surveillance, you name it -- when she is traveling she can see but can't be seen... Then one night things get out of hand while she is out-of-body: Zoe witnesses a murder."

Needless to say, we chose this book as our first for this unofficial book club. Sounds intriguing, right?

Weldon's first installment in the Zoe Martinique Investigation series is a fast, exciting and compelling read. This author draws you in with the details of a world of ghosts, spirits, demons, witches and the like. Even if you don't believe in this sort of thing, you'll be drawn into the characters.

There's Zoe's semi-psychic mother, a pair of gay ghosts, her Goth techno witch best friend and the handsome detective who is hot on the trail of the murderer. Their involvement with helping Zoe along with the main character's antics keep you on the edge of your seat with laughter and suspense.

Like Zoe's propensity to accidentally say things aloud when she can't be seen. Well, before she loses her voice. (But I'm not going to tell you how and ruin a pivotal moment for you.) And speaking of losing: There's the matter of exactly where does one put their body when they leave it? You can only imagine the type of trouble she gets into floating around without her body.

What makes this novel even more inviting is the fact that as Zoe encounters other beings in a world somewhere between life and death, spirit and human; she discovers more about her abilities. While she's learning about that, we -- the readers -- are finding out about the world that exists beyond what we know as reality.

There is one disappointing turn in the story: The end, which fell flat. I hate to tell you that and then you decide not to read it. But, there is an upside.

The second book, Spectre, is excellent from start to finish. It makes the ending of Wraith worth reading just to get to the second installment in the series.

In Spectre, Zoe and Daniel (the handsome detective who she ends of falling for) are together in the quest to solve a series of murders. The problem is there are a couple of things Daniel doesn't know: 1) The murderer he's looking for is on the astral plane, and 2) Zoe has abilities that allow her to travel outside of her body and her gift -- if you will -- is getting stronger.

Stronger may be an understatement because Zoe may turn into something that's no longer human.

To find out more you'll have to pick up Weldon's books yourself. They're a good read and I can't wait to see what she comes up with for the third book.


No sweat!


Finding a pre-screened expert

I am sure a lot of parents can relate to my thought process: I have so many different thoughts as my teenager daughter experiences her senior year of college, hangs out with her friends and becomes even more independent of me than she already was. Before I know it she'll be finished with high school, graduated from college and moved on to start her own life and family.

It never dawned on my until today that she may move out of state. She didn't say anything about this, but it's just one of those random thoughts that passed through my head. I like to be prepared for everything so I was thinking about how I can help her with that stage of her life if she chose it.

What if she moved somewhere like Texas? (Which seems worlds away!) It could happen because that's where the paternal side of her family is from. If she made this choice then I think I could help her find a place to live by going to Clicksmart. This site has pre-screened experts, which takes some of the research out of what you're looking for.

For instance, if Amber decided to move to Austin, Texas, then I could just search for a pre-screened austin realtor. It's just that easy. That search alone comes up with about 18 realtors in Austin.

Maybe helping my daughter move out of state wouldn't be so bad. At least I can keep myself busy with the details and not thinking about my baby moving out on her own.

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