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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chirp Chirp

Have you ever had an encounter with a creature that you couldn't explain? Maybe it was a butterfly that landed on your arm. Or a squirrel that stared into your window as you ate. It could have been a cat that followed you home.

Well, my encounter came today -- Saturday -- as my teenager and I sat outside on the Starbucks' patio and enjoyed our drinks. About five small birds flew onto the patio and pecked around. They were noticeable when they arrived because of how close the first one flew to my daughter's head.

That same bird perched on a chair at the table next to ours then immediately turned around and looked at us. The bird watched us and continued to get closer. At one point, five tiny, fluffy birds were hopping and pecking their way under our table.

Did they want to make a nest in our hair? Or did they think we had crumbs to share? Whatever they thought we never let them get close enough to see. As they approached we would stomp a little or hit the table and they would fly a short distance away.

Only to return again a few minutes later.

Had I not been attacked by a bird some years back I may would have encouraged the interaction. Of course this is the one time I decided to leave my camera at home so I'm sure no one will believe that a little bird stalked me, looked right into my eyes and perched on a chair just a foot away from me.

It's kind of funny though 'cause unusual things happen to the teenager and I whenever we're out and about. I'm just glad they didn't poo in my coffee!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I hear voices

They're not the distant voices of a wayward imagination or the fading voices of a sober dream. They're the loud and clear voices of two of my children... at 5 a.m.

Last night I finally got into bed around midnight and had the hardest time going to sleep. It was probably after 1 a.m. when I finally drifted off, but I was determined to get up around 7 a.m. to try and get the children up and used to being on a school schedule.

However, when I was awakened at 5 a.m. my plans were a little thwarted. I got out of my bed and I amazed to find them not only sitting up and wide awake, but with the bright overhead light on. They sleep in the room with the baby and I would be none to happy if they woke her up.

"What are you doing? Why is the light on?" I whisper as I flick the light off.

"It's too dark," they say together.

"That's because it's not time to get up yet!"

I motion for each of them to lay down then realize I should make them go to the bathroom. One at a time they go with me reminding them to be quiet. I get them back in their beds with me never actually entering the room for fear that the baby would sense my presence and pop straight up into a sitting position. (Babies are good at that, aren't they?)

I remind them that it's still dark outside and not time to get up and firmly threaten that if they make noise or play they will be in trouble. Back to my bed I go with head in hand because of the headache that has already started to fester.

Under my covers I find a comfortable position and pray that sleep comes. And then...

... I hear voices!


I simply get up, motion for my 3-year-old daughter to come with me and I put her into my bed. It took probably an hour for us to fall asleep, but at least everyone was quiet and didn't wake the baby.

As for getting them used to the school schedule. Well, they're still asleep and it's 9:21. Because I was so exhausted I wasn't able to get up when I had planned.

Kids: 1 Mommy: 0

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I a nerd?

Well, I'll answering that for you with a resounding "Hell yea!" In our house, my teenager and I throw around the word nerd in a loving and admirable way. It's cool to be a nerd.

Case in point. My daughter had open house at her high school tonight and we were in her Language Arts Class when the teacher was discussing the syllabus, including the "major works" they would be reading. The first work is Beowulf. I joked with the teenager, "I should read it along with you."

"You should," she laughs.

"I wonder if she has an extra book?"

"She probably does, nerd!" Amber says.

Much to her surprise I did ask for a book so for the rest of the open house I proudly carried around the 1,512-page "Language of Literature: British Literature." We passed Amber's boyfriend a couple of times in the hallway and one time she says to him, "She got a Literature book."


"Why not? ... Hey, I'm in between books now."

He gave me that look that teenagers give you when they just don't get you, but don't want to say anything disrespectful. I just laughed.

I don't know about you, but I am proud to be a nerd. It's cool and I'm glad my daughter thinks it's cool too.

I'll try to keep you posted during the school year to let you know how I'm doing with my Language Arts book!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Participate in Alzheimer's Memory Walk

Get on the move to end Alzheimer's

The Alzheimer's Memory Walk® is in need of team captains and participants for this meaningful event, which is the nation's largest that raises awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. We're putting a call out to volunteers -- young and old -- to stand up and fight against Alzheimer's. You can help too by joining the more than 200,000 people who are on the move for this cause.

Currently, there are walks scheduled in more than 600 communities and you can make a difference by joining the fight. Sign up to be a team leader (don't worry, starting and team is easy) and lead a walk, which is two to three miles long and held during a weekend morning in the fall.

Those who team up with the Alzheimer's Association can walk with a purpose and help move the world closer to being without Alzheimer's. Find a walk near you and get started. ... As teams, which are the heart of the memory walk, "we can MOVE a nation."

Did you know?
Every 71 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Get on the move to stop this disease.

Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

Great discovery, giveaway

I happened upon a wonderful blog (Baby Luxe Daily) that is doing a great giveaway. She is giving away a "On the Day You Were Born" necklace from Becoming Jewelry. I went to the Becoming Jewelry site and I could not decide what piece I liked the best. Everything is beautiful and I want it all! Okay, I want almost all of it - I guess I shouldn't be greedy.

Pop on over to enter the contest and check out Becoming Jewelry; I think you will be as impressed as I was. Have fun and good luck.

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6 Layers of Me

Carrie tagged me with this meme and -- of course -- I forgot... uh, I mean I didn't get around to doing it. LOL.


1. Add your blog(s) to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okay if you only post these questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to Me {YEN} and I’ll add your blog(s) to the master’s list HERE! Note that you are not ALLOWED to change the link.
3. Copy from Start to End.
4. Tag as many friends online as you know. But you don’t need to be tagged in order to join.
5. Copy this Participants' List:Me and Mine Creative in Me For the LOVE of Food Little Peanut Pea in a Pod It’s Where the HEART Is Around the World SugarMagnolias I Am Mommy All About The Memories Enchanted Play Just My Scrap Whats Up Simply Me Kitchen Deelite A Mothers Horizon In Depth A Life in Bloom Because Life is a Blessing Digiscraptology Joys iN life Life is What we Make it Photo Blog Dancing in Midlife Tune The Callalily Space Juliana's Site Mom Knows Everything Rantings of a Woman It's a woman's world! YOUR BLOG(S) HERE


Name: Petula W.
Birth date: September 20th
Birthplace: Delaware
Current Location: Georgia
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Righty or Lefty: Righty


Your heritage: African American (mostly)
The shoes you wore today: Wedges
Your weakness: Chocolate
Your fears: Homelessness
Your perfect pizza: Extra cheese and spinach
Goal you’d like to achieve in life: Publishing my books


Your most overused phrase on AIM: On IM? Whatever.
Your first waking thoughts: How do I feel today?
Your best physical feature: IDK... uh, the girls! LOL
Your most missed memory: Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family back home.


Pepsi or Coke: I normally don't drink soda, but if I do I drink Sprite. LOL, but I like Coke
McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonalds
Single or group dates: I don't go on dates, but if I did... either.
Adidas or Nike: Nike
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Neither
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee: COFFEE!!


A famous person, dead or alive, would you interview: Oprah
Movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors: First Wives Club
Name two of your passions in life: writing and my children
Least favorite time of day: the morning!


Use hairspray or gel: Gel - sometimes
Your favorite meal: Really don't have one... but my favorite food is crabs from MD.
Color inside your head when you close your eyes: Red
Listen to classical music: Yup
Ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it: LOL! No.


That was kind of fun... well, I think it was fun because I enjoyed reading Carrie's answers.

I am actually not going to tag anyone, but if Shaunalynn wants to do it she knows that I would love to read it! LOL


dNeero conversation


What a relief!

My health and weigh loss journal

I have not weighed myself in about three or four weeks because I've been feeling bloated and fat. Along with that, I don't think I have been eating right -- the munchies have been attacking me pretty hard. And, to make matters worse, I have not exercised.

Yes, I know I promised that I would. I know you were supposed to be holding me accountable. I know I was all gungho before. Now I must admit the only exercise I've gotten is chasing after my kids and parking as far away from my destination as possible.

Keeping all of that in mind... I got on the scale today and discovered I LOST FOUR POUNDS! (Can you picture me dancing the what-a-relief-I-am-so-happy jig?) - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more Fooled you, didn't I? LOL

I have been trying to continue watching my calorie intact and I still make low-fat choices so I guess that really has helped, huh? To say I'm pleased and relieved is an understatement!

Please forgive me while I gloat a little... just a little: I so rock! :-)

Given this small victory I have made a step to ensure I continue on the right track. I have reduced my gigantic 16 ounce-sized coffee mug to a regular 8 ounce one. Hopefully this small change will ensure I meet my weight-loss goal. Although I don't think I'll get there by my birthday, which is next month, I do think I am on the right track for long-term success.

Now, let's celebrate. ... What good news do you have?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Guess who's going where!?

I have a bit of good news to share. Okay, I think I am downplaying this just a little... I am extremely excited about some news I received last week and even more excited about the news I got today.

Do you have your party noisemakers ready? Can I get a drum roll, please. ... Okay, okay I'm going to tell you. :D

The news I received last week was that my daycare provider who watched my two middle children for more than two years called and said she would watch the three younger children for a reduced rate to help me out! The rate she offered was absolutely amazing! So, they were scheduled to start on Tuesday, the 26th.

Yes, I said "were."

Then today I received a call from the headstart program (remember I told you about that?) and both of the middle children got in! (You may commence the party now!)

I have a few more forms to take care of and an orientation on next Monday, which I should receive a letter about this week, and they're on their way to beginning their formal education! Tahee hee hee!

The baby will probably still go to the same daycare provider, but that will be less money that I have to spend. I can't believe how well it worked out... Thank God!
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