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Thursday, August 7, 2008

First day of school

Here's Amber getting ready for her first day as a senior in high school!

After three weeks of administrators not getting back to me when they said they would. After telling at least eight people that I wanted to withdraw my daughter from the open campus school and have her continue at her home high school... it was finally done. Yesterday!

Talk about cutting it close.

Although her home school didn't have her information in the computer yesterday, I sent her to school today on the bus. She's a young adult (almost!) and I knew she could take care of the rest. I mean, I had done all the hard stuff, right?

So, yes, in case you missed it: Amber is at her regular public high school for her senior year! Yippee! Well, yippee for her because that's where she wanted to be.

Moms rock! (insert smug face here!)

I won't go into the long boring details of how it all came about... it's just good that it did and she'll be happy for her final year.

Isn't she the cutest ever? I am so proud of her. (Please ignore the messy room and icky carpet... she needs to vacuum, but don't tell her I was talking about her here.)

On the downside of things, my dear 4-year-old son did not get into the pre-k program at the public school. No one told me that applying for the Georgia Pre-K is like applying to colleges and you should get on the list at at least 10 places and not just two.

Although I haven't lost hope that someone in the two programs that he's on the list for will move out of state or not show up, I still have to figure out a plan to prepare him -- education/knowledge wise -- for kindergarten. (insert big sigh here!)

Okay, so even moms don't win them all!

What's for lunch?

My morning didn't go quite as planned so the younger kids and I ended up at the grocery store. They decided they wanted Kid Cuisines for lunch and although I don't think it's the best choice nutritionally, it is a good, occasional lunch treat.

They chose the ones they wanted and I chose one for the baby. I had already picked up some fruit and waffles for breakfast as well as a couple of snacks and yogurt so we went on our way. (Oh crap, I just remembered I forgot to get bread. BIG SIGH!) An-t-way, so we get home and I feed the now grumpy baby who was so ready for her nap and get the kids' meals ready.

I look around and realize that in all the excitement, commotion and cart pushing that I hadn't gotten myself anything for lunch. So, here I sit starting to get pretty hungry and too lazy to conjure something up in the kitchen.

I don't think I've forgotten myself like this before and it's not a good feeling. Well, at least the teenager got off to her first day of her senior year, the baby is getting her nap and the kids are happily stalling through their lunch avoiding the nap. Now, if I only knew what was for lunch.

(Check back soon because I'll update you on the high school dilemma and share a picture of the senior from today.)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You tell me

I've noticed that the number of comments I am getting has went down so I was wondering if it's because I changed the comment thingy. Do you like the old way? (You can view it about three posts away...) Or the new way?

Tell me, which do you prefer?

(I haven't forgotten about letting you know what's going to happen with the name of my blog and the URL... please be patient with me as I work it all out then I will reveal it to you.)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Drugs, dragging, doctors & dancing!

My health & weight loss journal

Thank you for stopping by and catching up on my health and weight loss. Things have been pretty interesting around here since I started my new meds last Tuesday night (or was it Thursday?). If you remember, I had an appointment at the VA hospital and I was very happy that things went well. I have a treatment plan for my fibro and it's going great.

I take four different pills (not including vitamins): two three times a day, one twice a day and one once a day... uh, I think I got that right, but I am sure you get the idea. Besides feeling a little drugged up as my body adjusts to the pills, I am quite happy that I have less pain (notice I didn't say no pain!) and surprisingly my tolerance and patience has improved. I would say that makes it all worth it.

My appointment for the physical therapist is this month and I have a couple of other appointments to make so the treatment plan is underway! Yippee!! (Join me as I do a little dance!)

Now if I could only figure out how to get a good night's sleep all would be right with the world.

As far as my weight goes... (insert sigh here) it hasn't went down, but I guess I shouldn't complain because it hasn't went up either (insert smile here). I have about 45 days to meet my goal so I should either exercise like crazy or give it up. I guess this is about where my body would stay naturally without regular exercise. I'd like to meet my goal, but I currently don't feel like putting in the work.

I am hoping to get a little boost of energy, resolve, pull-up-the-bootstraps-type mentally sometime soon! Otherwise I'll just have to be content with my current cuteness! :D

Now that you're all caught up with me, what's going on with you?

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mom & Dad Tribute

It has been quite some time since Sandra tagged me to do this and I forgot all about it. I think it's a wonderful meme so before anymore time passes I am going to do it now.

This is a tribute to my mom and dad...

When I was a little girl I don't remember my dad being around very often because he was a cross country truck driver. But, the times he was around are so engraved in my memory. I hold onto those memories because he passed away when I was 10 years old.

My dad was a jovial guy. He was always joking and laughing. He used to spend time with my brother and I when he was at home... and I remember that he would bring little tokens of his trip home. I still have a rotating nightlight - a mini lamp that made fish float around on my ceiling -- that he gave me when I was about 4 or 5. It is a little broken, but I continue to hold onto it because it's a piece of him.

My memory holds his favorite chair - a recliner, sees his smile and hears all the people (friends and family) talk about what a wonderful man he was. I was daddy's little girl and his death was my first taste at lost and disappointment.

His death left my mother a single parent. My brother, who is 9 years older than I, was already out of the house. She felt it best that we move back to her hometown near her mother. She worked very hard taking care of me. I always had the best she could provide and I actually don't remember doing without. Things were tight... we didn't take vacations or eat out, but we had everything we needed.

My mother and I didn't get along very well during that time period, but I must say that we have grown closer since I've been an adult. I talk to her at least once a week and wish I lived closer to her so I can help her out as she gets older. She re-married when I was about 21 so she isn't alone, but she is in her late 60s so it would be nice to spend time with her and do things for her when needed.

Although I have sad and angry memories, I am thankful that I knew my dad... he touched my life in a way that only a daddy can. And maybe my memories with my mom aren't all sugar and spice, but I am thankful that my mom is still alive to talk to and share things with.

I love my parents... with all of my heart.

Parents are God's precious gifts that have an important role in our life. Give your Tribute to your parents when they are still alive is greater as they can read them as well!

Rules:1. Write and post something about your Mom or Dad, it can be a picture, poem, lesson from your dad, anything... be creative! You can thank them, express your love or share the greatest memory you have with your Mom or Dad. 2. Copy from 'Start Copy' through 'End Copy' and paste it in your post. Add your site on the list. 3. It would be appreciated if you can help to spread this meme by tagging others, but it is optional. 4. Leave me message with the link to your post or email me your link to [at] 5. I will add your post to Tribute to Moms or Tribute to Dads with a link back and add your site to the main list. 6. I suggest keeping your list current so that everyone who participates gets maximum benefit.

Contributors to Tribute to Moms: 1. Trinity 2. Sandy at Momisodes 3. JO-N 4. Mom Knows Everything 5. Mummy Diaries 6. Super Mae 7. Petula

I am still being lazy so I am not going to specifically tag anyone... if you'd like to do this, or if you've already done it, I would love to read your tribute. Leave me a link when you get the chance.

I'm honored

It's been a bit since I received an award and my hot blogging buddy from the UK has honored me. Tina passed on these way cute awards. Thanks, Tina, you rock!

Rules for Kick Ass Blogger Award

Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are “Kick Ass Bloggers.”

Let ‘em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they’ve received an award.

Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to

Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

I am feeling lazy today so I'm going to copy off of Tina and pass these awards onto the next give people who leave me a comment here. :)


Watching my back

For some reason, my darling son has been trying to sneak up on me lately. At first I just thought he was being extra quiet and hanging out near me in the home office so I wouldn't tell him to leave.

It wasn't until I loudly called his name one day, thinking he was in another part of the house, that I realized something was amiss. My back is to the door of the office so it's easy enough for the children to come in and out without me noticing them.

On that day, I was typing away...


"Yes," I heard a small voice answer near me.

I turned around looking a little perplexed.

"Oh... what are you doing here? Uh, can you go and ..." I can't even remember what I wanted.

"Okay," he paused, looking a little mischievous, "Did I scare you?"

"Uh, no."


And he ran from the room.

The next day a similar event occurred. And the next day. And the next. Hmmm? My busy mind started cluing in on a pattern.

"Andre? Are you trying to scare me?"

"Yes. Did I?"

"Uh... no."


Today, I sat down at the computer and out of the corner of my eye I see a small head peeking ever so slightly from under my chair.



"What are you doing?"

"Playing hide and seek."

I started to let him know that no one was playing with him, but I decided to keep that to myself. He was probably just trying to throw me off his track of scaring me.

At first I kind of shook my head and thought, 'What will he come up with next?' But then a grin came across my face. I remember a certain little girl -- me! -- sneaking around my grandmother's house trying to scare her. She'd always call my name, but I wouldn't answer and would go and hide. Her home was quite big so there were all sorts of places to hide... At first I don't think I scared her that much, but as I got better at it she had quite a bit of good scares.

Hmmm... I better watch my back.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The good, the bad, the sad

In 2001, my paternal grandmother passed away. It was a difficult time for my brother and I as we travelled from Georgia to Delaware and made her final arrangements, cleaned out her house and decided what we were going to do with all of her things.

Some of the things she had already specified what she wanted done with them and others we made the best decision possible. Out of all of her things she specifically wanted me to have her dining room set. A classic dining set that included a table that seated six, buffet table and a china cabinet. Pieces that she'd had long before I was born.

My brother and I loaded the belongings into a U-Haul truck and drove from Delaware to Georgia. I put a lot of it in a storage unit, but used the dining set. When I moved to my current home, in early 2003, I had to put the dining room set in storage because of lack of space. I always thought I would have a larger home by now and be able to use the set she had taken such good care of in order to pass to her only granddaughter - me.

Over the past year, things have gotten more and more difficult for me financially. So earlier last week I donated everything in the storage unit to the Salvation Army. Well, the table and chairs had been sold on eBay months ago, but I hadn't been able to sell the other pieces. Not only did I have the rest of the dining set, but there was an antique couch that my grandmother had reholpulstered with her own hands along with a chair.

It's good that I was able to eliminate that monthly expense, but I feel bad that I had to get rid of the stuff my grandmother wanted me to have. I hope she wouldn't be too disappointed in me. It's a little sad too because as more time passes I lose even more of her... those pieces were just a reminder of a woman who had been in my life since I was born. She loved me, cared for me, cooked for me, nurtured me... she had always been there for me.

I feel like I let her down and it makes me a little sad. I did, however, hold onto her china and dishes that I hope to get out of boxes one day when I have a larger place and more cabinet space. There are bowls I remember her using when I was a child, china that her own mother passed down to her and some very lovely pieces that I would love to display in a china cabinet.

I have some of her bowls and platters on the shelf above my cabinets and I console myself by propping my feet on the ottoman that she recovered to match the sofa. I keep it under my desk (that used to belong to her too!) and I almost donated it with the couch. But, I thought, it'd be good to hold onto this small piece of her. The fabric she chose is such a reminder of who she was as a person.
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