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Friday, January 18, 2008

This is a pretty good deal that I couldn't resist sharing with you. New customers can get eight free burgers -- a $26.96 value -- from La Cense Beef. *All you have to pay is shipping and handling.

I checked this out and the shipping and handling costs are $17 or $37. That seems like a lot but these steak burgers come from grass-fed cows and are a blend of La Cense sirloin steak, round roast, chuck roast and flank steal They're 6 ounce patties that are 85 percent lean, which makes them lower in calories and fat without sacrificing classic burger taste.

How it Works
*Receive 8 Steak Burgers free. All you pay for is shipping & handling.
*Orders are packed in dry ice and shipped 2nd day delivery, Monday through Wednesday, to ensure weekday delivery
*Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

This offer expires March 15th.

If you order these, let me know how they taste... I don't eat beef but I'm still curious if they're good!

Ready to refinance?

If you're trying to refinance your Florida Mortgage and are looking for a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage then is a great place to start looking. At you can fill out a form and have up to five lenders contact you concerning your refinancing needs. Don’t hesitate to check them out, they can help you find more options today and there’s no obligation.

Messages from the great beyond

Sometime last month I read The First Lady by Carl Weber the New York Times bestselling author of So You Call Yourself A Man. The First Lady is a funny novel about Bishop T.K. Wilson, the pastor of First Jamaica Ministries, whose wife dies at the age of 44.

No one knows that while his wife, Charlene, is dieing she worried about what would happen to her husband after her death and if he would choose the right woman to be his next wife. In an attempt to handle it from the grave, she enlists her friend to help her compose some letters to several women -- potential Mrs. Wilsons -- that are delivered after her death.

Her possible candidates for T.K.'s wife are Marlene, a recovering drug addict and T.K.'s daughter's mother. Monique, a woman who many people at the church have disdain for. Savannah, the church's choir soloist and the daughter of a prominent church elder. And Charlene's good friend Lisa Mae, a widow who's nose is so far up in the air she can smell stars.

Reading The First Lady is a chance to take a journey into the life of T.K. Wilson and see if his deceased wife's plans pan out. The colorful characters, pending drama and hilarious antics will have you hurriedly turning the pages to see what happens in the end.

Valentine's Day is less than a month away

I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up some formula for the baby and noticed all of the red and heart-shaped balloons. In my foggy mind I wondered what was going on. Then I focused and realized that the next holiday is Valentine's Day.

Have you already decided what to give your loved ones on Valentine's Day? If so, then I'm sure you're interested in getting a good deal on the gifts. Coupon Chief is just the place to go for great deals.

I'd like to get something for my children and my mother. If I could go all out I would get the teenager a new computer from Dell and my mom would get some sterling silver jewelry from Blue Nile. The little kids aren't picky so some toys from KB Toys will do the trick.

Whatever you decide to get your loved ones for Valentine's Day, be sure to check out Coupon Chief (a one stop coupon deal and discount resource) for some great deals.


I've been cheered!

After my last post it is nice to have this to fall back on. Thanks to sweet Carrie I have my first award for 2008. Thank you, Carrie, for thinking of me!

I'd like to pass this on to Tammy (I think Tammy already got this from someone else, but I just wanted her to know I appreciate her friendship), Cheeky , Anna (whose name I am partial too -- same as my youngest!) and Farah B. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do... pass on the love!

Reality check!

At 39 years old, I expect so much more from my life. What I mean is: I look at what I've accomplished and I feel a little depressed. Today, I was filling out an application for a part-time job and it, of course, asked for salary information. I had to dig in my files to find it all because I don't remember.

When I finally finished filling out all the numbers my face sank with disappointment. I'm too ashamed to tell you, but the amount of money I've made per year even when I was working full time is shameful. I have a college degree (a quite expensive one, I might add, that I'm still paying for) and I have nothing to show for it! I've served my country in the Air Force and I have nothing to show for it!

I guess it's unfortunate that I've measured a good portion of my success and accomplishments on the amount of money I've made, but I think a lot of people do that.

How sad.

Adult responsibilities

Do you know someone who says they take complete responsibility for something and then the say "..., but?" Doesn't the "but" negate the responsibility taken?

Check out this situation: I know someone who had an inappropriate conversation with a child -- a teenager -- and had to leave the home or risk losing all of their kids. Now that person says they take complete responsibility for what they did, but no one is perfect and the child has to take responsibility for what they did that day as well.

First of all, this is the first time the person has said anything about something the child did that day. Second of all, even if the child walked around naked the responsibility is still on the adult to say, "Get your butt out of here and get dressed." Or whatever.

It's like a man saying they say a woman dressed sexily so he raped her because she was dressed a certain way. That's saying it's her fault and even if they say they take responsibility for it; it's taken back when you say "but."

Someone I know used this analogy: 'You know that woman who was arrested for having sex with the 14 year old boy? Well, it's like her saying he agreed to it and it was consensual. As the adult, she should have just stopped the situation and said no. ... That's what complete responsibility is."

Well... what do you think?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going a little green

After watching a very interesting show on Oprah about going green I've been making an attempt to conserve some energy, stop being so wasteful and saving more money (which you know is one of my favorite things to do). My first attempt at doing that was to stop buying individual water bottles (you know the 24 pack of 16 ounce water bottles) and get a filter for the kitchen faucet.

Instead of doing some research online first before I went to the store, I went shopping and found different kinds of pitchers and faucet filters. It took me and my teenager the longest time to decide on what would be best. I decided on a pitcher, which was a little less costly, and -- I thought -- more practical.

The filter water tastes absolutely marvelous so we've stopped polluting the landfill with water bottles. The only thing I don't like about the pitcher is it's way too small for our family AND it takes almost 10 minutes to completely fill up. Once the water goes into the reservoir, which is less than half the size of the pitcher, it has to go through the filter and into the pitcher. It takes about three times of filling the reservoir and waiting for it to drain before it's filled.

The second thing we're trying to remember to do is take canvas bags to the grocery store when we shop. So far I've only taken them once, but -- to my credit -- have remembered them each time on the way to the store. :)

And, instead of throwing away her thousands of magazines, the teenager is saving them to take to a recycling place that takes magazines. All of my old magazines I gave away on Freecyle.

On the energy-saving side, I bought two of GE's Energy Smart general purpose bulbs, which are guaranteed to last about five years. They are also supposed to help reduce your electricity bill. My bill was higher this month so I'm anxious to see if this works. I'll buy some more -- have to do it slowly because they're quite a bit more expensive than the four for .99 - $1.99 that I usually buy.

And I'm turning off the lights in my office if I'm gonna be gone for more than a few minutes. It's a grit-your-teeth-and-just-do-it thing for me because there are four lights in the dark, garage turned office space. I've been doing it for about four days so I hope that makes a difference as well. I also adjusted my thermostat a little.

So those are my contributions to helping the environment and saving a little money in the process. Hopefully these small steps will turn into bigger ones that will help in leaving a healthy earth for generations to come.

Check out the Oprah show website for information on how you can help save the planet by going green.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Support group

This evening was the first time I went to DivorceCare -- it's for those who are separated and divorced. I found the group on the Internet after I did a search for "separation" or something like that and I was pleasantly surprised to find a group that met not too far from me (at a church). I also found the information on their website to be soothing and encouraging.

In the workbook they provide, DivorceCare is described like this: "DivorceCare is a seminar/small group resource designed to help your church effectively minister to people hurting because of separation and divorce." One of the things I like most about the group is that it's biblically based and the fact that the people in the group have a common denominator makes them understanding and supportive.

The group moderators began with prayer, we all introduced ourselves and told a little bit about ourselves, watched a DVD about DivorceCare that included testimonials, had discussion afterwards and ended in prayer. The workbook is thorough and informative including homework areas and journal entries to help with drawing closer to God and evaluating feelings, and the moderators provided a list of local resources like lawyers and counselors that was very helpful.

I'm hoping to gain clarity, support, fellowship and spiritual strength from this group. It's giving me hope for my future...

It was scary going to a group like this, but I think it's going to work out great for me. If it's something you need then check out DivorceCare for a group near you.

I love this thing...

I first posted this on Dec. 27th and since it doesn't fit in my sidebar I'm putting it up again! Please sign when you stop by... I have this guestbook on some of my other sites like MySpace and Yuwie. I would love to see my blogger friends there too!


Do a little dance!

Although he came an hour and a half after our original agreement, my husband (seems so weird to say since we're separated!) picked up the baby today. I closed the door and did a little dance and skip across the room.

I really do love my baby, but 24 hours a day/everyday for the past eight months (with about three breaks) is a little more than I can bear. So... finally... today... I'm free until about 5 p.m.

Well, the teenager gets home at 3:45 so the quiet will be over then, but I can deal with that. I'll try not to be disappointed when it ends... I should have arranged for her to stay after school to get her work done! Darn! What was I thinking?!


An-t-way... I'm off to check email without being interrupted, clean off my desk, do.. ut oh, I better slow down. I don't want to add too much to my to-do list because if I don't get finished I'll be disappointed. I'll try to just enjoy my uninterrupted time!


Monday, January 14, 2008

The convenience of online pharmacy

Sometimes you aren't always able to go to the doctor to get a prescription. Now with you don't have to worry about making a doctors appointment and paying a co-pay, you can order your prescription drugs at the Online Pharmacy at anytime -- 24 hours a day.

The Online Pharmacy offers complete privacy and the convenience of ordering from your home or office through a safe and secure transaction server using a wide variety of credit cards. The Online Pharmacy also provides complete information about each prescription drug including what it's used for, precautions, possible side effects, etc.

Take a moment to investigate the pharmacy online and see how it'll work for you.

I am so proud of Tammy... she recently got her own domain. Check her out at Tell her I sent you! :-)

Relying on friends

About two weeks ago I made arrangements with a friend to watch the baby for a few hours this past Saturday. On Thursday I learned that she would be starting a new part-time job at night. Although she still had intentions of watching the baby on Saturday afternoon she wasn't able to because instead of getting off at 6 a.m., she got off at 9 a.m.

No problem, I say. And she thanked me for understanding.

Besides my intense need to get a break from the baby, my teenager and I were going to take out the back rows of the van and pick up a treadmill. A freecycler (a member of had one to give away and we couldn't get it with the baby in the van.

So, I called another friend at the last minute (Saturday morning) and she said she could watch her for an hour or so why I picked up the treadmill. She was about to run some errands, but would call me when she returned at about 4 p.m.

I went out at 4 to run some errands, but made sure to have my cellphone at the ready.

4:15 came and went.
5:15 passed.
I debated -- for 15 minutes -- about whether I should call her.
I called her home at 5:30 and didn't get an answer and, no, I didn't leave a message.

This friend is an avid sports lover and she told me that a game came on at 4:30 that she wasn't going to miss so I'm sure she was there. Okay, so I'm assuming.

I even tried to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking that maybe she called my home number and didn't think to call my cell. When I returned home there was no call from her there either. (I have caller i.d. so even if she didn't leave a message I would have known if she called.)

My problem isn't that she didn't watch her. My problem is that she said she would and let me down. The problem is that I promised someone I would do something that I wasn't able to do because of someone else. My problem is that someone is always telling me to ask for help, but even when I do people don't follow through.

I'm beginning to realize that some people aren't really "friends." Friends should keep their word, be reliable and honest. And a friend is one who says "no" when they can't do a favor instead of saying they will do it and not follow through.

I should probably add that this isn't the first time this has happened with this particular person. Oh well...

Anyone need a good friend?
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