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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Will there be potty training success?

A few weeks ago my daycare provider told me that I should buy Anna Pull-Ups so she can begin potty training. I warily agreed and this week began the potty training process.

Two mornings ago when Anna woke up, I was about to change her diaper and noticed she was pretty dry. Since the potty chair was at the baby sitter's place I sat her on the toilet and held onto her. "Pee pee, Anna," I said sweetly.

She looked into the toilet.

"Put pee pee in the toilet."

She looked again while holding onto my arms. She shifted, closed her little feet and seemed to settle in. Then all of a sudden I heard some little trickles. Anna pee peed in the toilet!! Yippee!

I got her off and we clapped at what a big girl she was. I told her to flush the toilet and she did. I bragged to her siblings and her sitter. However, the entire time she had a pretty blank look on her face. Oh my, I thought.

Last night I brought the potty chair home and sat it in the bathroom then put her on it before I fixed dinner. She sat for a minute, but kept getting up. A few minutes later, I took off her clothes and put on a t-shirt that doesn't snap with a Pull-Up and kept sitting her on the potty off and on and she didn't pee.

As soon as I left her alone she peed in the Pull-Up. I gently told her no no and took it off, but I didn't put another one on nor did I put on a diaper. I let her walk around for a couple of hours bare butt and occasionally sat her on the potty, which I moved from the bathroom to the living room then to the office where I was working.

She didn't use the bathroom in the potty or on the floor. This morning when I got her out of the crib she was soaking wet. She had held her pee all night and waited until bedtime to release it all.

SIGH! I guess it isn't going to be as easy as I had hoped. I don't know why I thought any differently since potty training has always been somewhat of a nightmare for me.
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