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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a lovely Christmas

It's December 30th and I must tell you about Christmas Day before New Year's Day gets here. At least that's what I keep telling myself. I was about to visit another site through my FeedBlitz when I noticed the title said something about "more Christmas pictures."

"That's right," I thought. "I still haven't posted any Christmas pictures." Well, I did let you see the ones of the reindeer that visited us, but that was only a small part of the excitement. The children were very pleased with everything they received. My teenager said something like she got more than she thought she would (a digital camera from her godfather, a few clothes, some money from friends and family and all the stocking stuffers that she loves) and what a sweet thing to say because I didn't think she'd gotten hardly anything. Just the fact that she was happy made me happy.

Her true happiness was reflected in a short, sweet note that she had written and put in the gift she gave me.

Here's an excerpt of the note: "...I admire the fact that you are determined to make many things possible for your children... I love you above and beyond the world; past any flaws that you think you have."

I have to admit that tears came to my eyes. It was the most beautiful and sweetest note ever. Here's the gift she gave me after I investigated everything. She had it fixed so lovely that I wish I'd taken a picture before I messed with it.

We have this sort of tradition where she normally gives me bath and body products and they're normally Aveeno, which I absolutely love. This time she gave me a new product (love that too!) along with a scented candle and plush pj bottoms in my favorite color with a matching top.

As for the younger kids... Anna loved this baby Amber and I picked out for her. The baby has a bottle, a carrier that Anna can put on her back and it makes little gurgling sounds. Anna carried her around and played with her most of the day. Everyday since then she has said, "Baby? Baby?" And we say, "Where's the baby?" Then she goes off to look for her.

The baby bottle doesn't stay in the baby's mouth so Anna will say, "Bodda?" And hand it to myself or her big sister - the expectation is that we'll hold the bottle for the baby.

Amareah loves her art set, which includes paints, water colors, colored pencils, crayons, scissors, art paper, paint brushes and quite a few other creative artsy type stuff. She's already used it - along with Andre - to create pictures for their dad. As you can see below Anna is still holding her baby while Amareah opened her gift.

Here Andre and Amareah are opening the preschool laptop that I found online for an EXCELLENT deal. They keep it on the extra desk in the office and wander in quite frequently to play with it. Amareah does very well with the learning activities, but Andre does more playing. I am hoping to sit down with him soon and encourage him to choose some of the learning games. Here, once again, Anna still has the baby on her lap and is holding the baby's bottle. :)

Andre thinks his Bumblebee Transformer is cool. It was one of the least expensive ones, but I am glad that he likes it. He liked it so much he took it with him when the younger kids visited their dad this past weekend.

Amareah is a whiz at puzzles. It didn't take her long to put together the Five Little Monkeys puzzle that she got in her stocking and then she put Andre's Mickey Mouse Playhouse one together. She's very focused for an almost 4 year old... I am very proud of how she picks things up.

The puzzle is about 25 pieces and my daycare provider, who used to care for Amareah and Andre, told me to advance her up to the next level. I think she's ready!

You can see in this picture that Andre is sitting nearby playing with his transformer. See the yellow toy on the right?

I loved the look on the younger kids' faces when they opened their final gifts...

They all received bikes! I searched high and low for ones that would fit in my budget. (*See my note below for information about my budget.) I worried that they (Andre and Amareah) would be disappointed that they weren't character bikes. Yes, I worried for no reason.

I love to see them on their bikes. It hasn't even been seven days yet and Andre and Amareah are riding like pros. Little Anna's feet, on the other hand, don't even reach the pedals. I found the smallest bike I could and wasn't able to get an adjustable one (remember the budget!), but she enjoyed sitting on it and smiling. When I wasn't instructing the other children, I pushed her and pulled her so she had just as much fun.

Here's one more look at Miss Anna and her baby. (That's Amber's leg with the festive pajamas!)

Christmas Day was a wonderfully blessed, peaceful and joyous day for us all. I wasn't stressed or disappointed, and my children had a good time. What more could I ask for?

On Christmas Eve, I did have a talk with my children about the true meaning of Christmas and I hope they'll get the message like my oldest daughter has. Now, that was a wonderful gift.

Now... tell me about your Christmas?

*I want to say a special thank you to my BFF Frankie. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to give my children half the things they received. Your generosity is amazing!

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