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Friday, December 19, 2008

Too scary & too accurate!

The other night I had a very strange dream. I am not going to get into all the details because they make absolutely no sense, but I will say that near the end the entire city (I have no idea what city) was on fire and the smoke was so thick.

Someone said we should run (to where I don't remember) and as I was running I was inhaling smoke. Every time I exhaled I could see smoke coming out of my lungs. My chest was getting tighter and tighter, and I was trying not to pass out and fall to the ground. I remember thinking, 'I can make it... I can make it.'

Well, that scared me awake.

I consulted the Dream Moods Dictionary, which has turned out to be my "go to guide" for everything dream related, to try and find out what that was all about, and this is what I discovered:

"To see smoke in your dream, signifies that some trouble will be entering your life. You are suffering from confusion and anxiety. You are not seeing things clearly. "

How freaking accurate is that? Can you believe it? It's amazing how our dreams often mirror our subconscious, our circumstances, etc. It's obvious that I need to get this anxiety under control and (although I hate to admit it) try to see things clearly.
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