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Friday, December 12, 2008

Tick tock, I want a grandfather clock

When I was growing up I remember seeing all kinds of different grandfather clock in people's homes, in museums or fancy offices. I used to think that I wouldn't mind having one because they were so fascinating and gorgeous. As I've gotten older my tastes have changed and I hadn't really considered a grandfather clock until I saw some of the modern ones at

This Kieninger Cabriolet Grandfather Clock (pictured here) is absolutely fabulous and would look perfect in the foyer of my house. My dream house that is. It's contemporary and stylish, and it would fit the image I have of the living room that I want. You know the one that is perfectly decorated? We all have visions like that of the way we want our house to be and I think that 1-800-4-CLOCKS has a kind of grandfather clock that fits anyone's style and personality.

I am glad I don't have a grandfather clock that my soon-to-be ex-husband would want to keep. I didn't know that divorcing couples are also fighting over grandfather clocks. According to the Clocks Blog, who gets the clock in a divorce is a common dilemma. I don't think I could part with it especially if it's like the one that's pictured here or a Howard Miller grandfather clock.

Now that grandfather clocks have been modernized you can probably find one that you like too. I would love to hear which one is your favorite.
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