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Monday, December 22, 2008

Stylish gear for mother & baby

I've noticed there are a quite a few bloggers that are expecting children. I know it's a special time for them and their families, and they're probably thinking about all the things they need to get in preparation for their new addition. Especially if this is their first child.

There are Baby Clothes, Baby Furniture and Baby Bedding to consider. And it isn't as easy as it sounds, but if they shop at Chulamama they'll find everything they need. When I had my first child almost 18 years ago the choices for maternity wear, baby furniture and baby gear weren't very stylish -- well, in my opinion.

The color choices were yellow, pink or blue and maybe green. And the design choices included images of chubby babies, baby animals and Disney. I don't even want to talk about the maternity clothes - I still cringe when I think of the choices, but Chulamama has some very stylish, retro, must-have items for mother and baby.

It's definitely a place to consider shopping for mothers-to-be and the new additions to their families. In fact, if you have someone like that on your shopping list you should hop over there now and check them out.
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