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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scrapbooking attempts

I have made an attempt to make a scrapbook for someone for the longest time. I can not reveal who that person is because they might read this. An-t-way, I am once again trying to do a scrapbook and I have to start from scratch. I am not going to tell you my sad tales of my scrap booking mishaps (wrong paper, wrong glue, wrong stickers, no stickers, etc.), but trust me when I say it's a sad situation.

I don't really like doing scrapbooks I just like doing stuff for this person. Today, I had to sit down on the cold office floor because this is what was on our table:

It's the boutique edition of Monopoly that the teenager and I started playing on Sunday. Yup, Sunday. Two days ago. We might as well put it away because I don't think we'll get a chance to finish anytime soon.

Below you can see my unorganized scrap booking area. I know you can't see anything up close. I did that on purpose to hide from the recipient as well as keep from you that I smudged something on the first page already and don't have a replacement for it. But I am trying not to let that bother me and hope that the awesome-ness of this project will shine through over the mistakes.

(The empty space on the floor is where my butt was positioned as I stared dumbly at what I was trying to do.)

Wish me luck... I am sure I'll need it 'cause I first began this project about four years ago! :( What are your scrap booking successes and disasters? Do share. If you don't scrapbook; what projects give you a hard time.
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