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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Potty training update

Today my daycare provider talked to me about my sweet little Anna not being ready for potty training. SIGH! Although I had a feeling and was planning on talking to her about it, it is still a little disappointing because I had visions of extra money in my pocket from not having to buy diapers.

Oh well.

It's funny because I have a certain belief about potty training. (Please don't take offense here if this applies to you:) I believe, barring physical or other disabilities, that children should be trained by the age of 2. Now, that doesn't account for nighttime and difficulties during outings. My other three children were all trained by 2 years old. Anna will be 2 in five months and it looks like we may surpass that "deadline."

But, you know what? I am okay with that. It is less stress trying to force her to do something she's not interested in. And there's no sense in wasting money on Pull-Ups if they aren't helping or whatever. I have had so many different experiences with this last child of mine. I remember listening to people talk about the "textbook" things their children were doing or not doing, and I always thought, "Really? I didn't know those things actually happened." Not only do they happen, but they've been happening to me!

I have been corrected. It's nothing like a small child to teach you the ways of the world. I will let her teach me the right timing for training and, in the end, I think we'll all be happy for it.
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