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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Oh, what a day!

For some reason I have been extremely grouchy (on and off) for the past couple of days. It doesn't help matters much that it's rainy and cloudy here or that the baby has been having nice, little, loud temper tantrums. Not the throwing herself to the ground kind, but the screaming, crying, I-want-my-way kind.

Today, I got out of bed a little late and got everyone (the three youngest) and myself ready in less than an hour. I was just a little late getting the two middle children to headstart and only got a little wet getting them into the building. I proceeded to take the baby to the sitter and left there to go to the Department of Family and Children Services office. I wrongly assumed that because of the weather that there wouldn't be many people there.

When I walked toward the door I almost opened my mouth in shock at the line that was emerging from the door. I have never seen it like that before, but I should have known something was up when I had to wait to get a parking spot. I excused myself pass the people in line (they were waiting to get some paperwork) and walked into the room. I could not believe how many people were in there. Every chair was taken and people were lining the walls. It was hot and muggy, and everyone looked miserable.

I went up to window number three where I was supposed to go because I missed my original appointment, which was on one of the days when I was so sick. I was surprised that it didn't take as long as I thought it would to get my business taking care of and I left to find it raining buckets. I raced to my car, thankful that I had left the door unlocked and began my short journey home. As I drove I was thinking about what I would have for a snack.

The rain was pooling on the sides of the street, but no problem, I've driven in worse so it didn't bother me. I stopped at a traffic light and when it turned green I tried to make left turn and discovered that my power steering had went out. I looked down at the gauges because I thought that the car had stalled. Nope, it was running. I struggled to turn the corner and turned the wheel quickly back and forth when I was on the straightaway.

I simply sighed. Great, I thought, just something else to add to my bad mood. Luckily, I wasn't too far from home and I mentally counted the turns between where I was and the house. Another turn was coming up so I braced myself to turn. It was very difficult. I debated in my head whether to stop at the upcoming shop, a tire and brake place that has serviced my van before, and decided at the last minute to stop.

Getting into the turn lane presented a minor dilemma and I had two turns to go. I struggled to turn and safely made it into a parking spot. A little crooked, but stopped nonetheless.

When the guy asked can he help me, I said, "I hope so." I explained to him what happened and told him that he shouldn't charge me a lot of money.

Two hours later... I am cold, tired and hungry waiting for them to finish up. (Luckily I had my book, Twilight, with me.) Finally, he tells me that a belt popped off and they have no idea why. Lucky for me the belt was under warranty because I had had them installed there a few months ago. (Yippee!!) They test the van, drive it and still can't figure out why a perfectly good belt just popped off.

I am just glad -- and thankful -- that I didn't have to spend any money (given that everything is so tight and it is the holiday season!). I am also glad that even though I was grumpy I didn't get upset and everything worked out fine.

I won't even mention the to-do list that didn't get finished or the house that didn't get cleaned. Hey, why tempt fate with a complaint?


  1. I am glad everything worked out ok. Don't worry we arte all grumpy sometimes. The sun will come back out sometime soon!

  2. Crazy week! Sheesh! It all ended well, though, and it was good that you could see the sunshine after the clouds cleared. Such a crazy time of year, and we don't need the car acting up in all of it!

  3. So glad everything worked out! I can sympathize, when it rains, it pours (lol) and when we are in a mood to begin with it just compounds everything!

  4. I am glad to hear that everything worked out. It was raining cats and dogs yesterday. Isn't Twilight great?

  5. Whew you made me breath a sigh of relief! I'm so glad it all worked out for you. Our old van used to have the belt slip every time it rained and finally they added some $10 piece onto it and it was fine from there on out.

  6. If something was going to go wrong with your car, at least it was something easily fixable and cost you no money. It always seems to go the other way for me. :-)


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