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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now I feel like a zombie

My health and weight loss journal

This has been some day...

It all started at 2 a.m. this morning when I heard talking. One of my middle children (the 5 year old or the almost 4 year old) got up to use the bathroom and apparently woke up the other one. They got up talking and playing, which woke up the baby who shares a room with them.

I had already had a hard time falling asleep because I went to bed too late to take my sleeping pill so I first awoke thinking, "Man, morning sure did come quickly."

When I saw the time I wasn't happy. I went in there with my "you better get back in bed and be quiet" face and informed them non too politely that it wasn't time to get up yet. I soothe the baby, cover her up and leave the room quietly.

"No talking, stay in bed, be quiet," I whisper.

I settle back in bed, finally fall asleep... and I hear talking.

Now, I'm really very unhappy. This time I go in with a stronger mom-isn't-happy face and smack a couple of bottoms. They were out of their bed again and talking and playing.

I repeat what I say before. Leave the room. I settle back in bed, finally fall asleep and... I hear talking.

"You have got to be freaking kidding me!"

This time I wake up the house with a very loud angry mommy voice and carefully placed swats. By this time the baby is standing in her crib fully disturbed and awake, but thank goodness she isn't crying.

"It's not light outside. You don't get up 'til daytime or until mommy says so!"

I lay the baby down, leave the room with a loud admonishment, slam my door (hey, one temper tantrum is allowed, right?) and I lay back down. By this time it's after 3 a.m.

I was supposed to get up at 6, I think. But I just couldn't get out of the bed. When I did get up I lingered through breakfast and coffee. (Yes, I had somewhere to be - had to take the baby to the sitter and get to my appointment -- that's 45 minutes away -- by 10 a.m.)

This is where the weight loss part comes in: I forgot to do my weekly weigh in. :D Had I not been so exhausted and grumpy when I got up I probably would have remembered. Really!

(As I was writing this I realized that a similar incident happened not too long ago and, you're in luck, I wrote about that one too. Read: I hear voices)

I rush through dressing, rush to dress the baby and comb her hair. I go in the children's room and I rudely wake them up. Yup, they had to get up... just 'cause they were tired from being up for hours didn't mean anything to me.

"Get up and go play or something!" I say.

I sit down on Amareah's bed to put the baby's shoes on. Stand up and feel my butt. "Why do I feel wet," I wonder aloud. I think, "Oh maybe I brushed against the sink in the bathroom."

But I feel really wet then it dawns on me. "Amareah! You peed the bed?!"

Oh my! I had to rush to change my clothes all the while fussing that they better be good while I'm gone or they were going to be in serious trouble.

"I don't have time for this... I don't believe this... Now, I have to change my shirt and I don't have a long-sleeved shirt to match these pants... Y'all better be good for Amber..."

By this time I was about 45 minutes late getting out of the house.

Oh well... at least I got my coffee.

And, I guess the health part of this is: Maybe I should calm down or, the other option, give my kids sleeping pills. (Please don't leave comments reprimanding me about the dangers of giving kids sleeping pills... I really was just kidding!)
If you want to read a health and weight loss journal that really talks about my health and weight loss, please click here. LOL... I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

If only they were really as sweet as they look here. Don't believe the hype! They are not as innocent as they look.
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