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Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's Muse - Ideas, thoughts & more

My muse this week is all over the place. I have thoughts about what I want to do for those I love and care about for the holidays, birthdays and just to say "hello, I care." I have ideas about what I want to do to make some more money. And, given that I am just back home after visiting friends and family for Thanksgiving, I have a myriad of thoughts about what I need to do this week.

Hopefully, I'll get it all well thought out and planned to put in writing to share with you here. But, for now, know that my muse for this week is honing in on exactly what I need to do in all areas of my life.

Sometimes we have to wait on our muse to focus and lead us. I hope it doesn't take long and that the mail that has piled up, along with the to-do list that's waiting for me as well as everything else I have to do doesn't prevent it (the muse) from finding me and helping me to focus.

Oh... and be on the lookout for a brief update on my trip home. It was most enjoyable! I hope your muse finds you and that you really enjoyed your holiday and weekend.


  1. Yes, please do tell, when you are ready. I love to hear about new ideas.

  2. Well good luck with your ideas. I am sure they will be brilliant!

  3. Sometimes the Muse has trouble with street numbers. It probably needs to install a GPS unit, but it'll show up eventually.

  4. Thanks for participating again! Low points in our creativity are part of the allows us to be appreciative of the muse when it does arrive. I look forward to hearing what you're up to!


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