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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday's Muse - Free up space for creativity

Today, I was able to take about four boxes of magazines to a recycling center. I was very proud that I got that accomplished and that the center isn't too far away. Freeing up space relieves stress - at least it does for me - and it also allows room to receive things that you really need.

You may receive more creativity, less stress, a sense of freedom or simply material things that you need. Now, I have to find somewhere to recycle two televisions that no longer work. Recycling makes me feel good that the things I am giving will be turned into other things or broken down in a way that isn't harmful to our environment.

Now, if I could just free up more space in my office (getting rid of papers, finding places for pictures, finish going through my magazine pile, etc.) I would definitely open up my space for creativity and relaxation.

I can just picture it now: An office where I don't walk into and sigh because I see a large pile of something that needs to be taken care of. Hmmm... sounds great.

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