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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I bang, I bang...

The only time I remember being totally happy with my hair was when I had dreadlocks. I wore them for about 13 years and, for the most part, I thought they were beautiful, cultural and fit me to a T. Then three pregnancies within four years and entering the late 30s at the same time changed the texture of my hair. My hair began to thin (and all over for that matter) at the temples from the weight of the locks and the new growth wouldn't lock. I didn't think they looked nice anymore so I had to get rid of them.

I wish I could go to a salon on a regular basis to get my hair styled, but since I can't afford it I make do with doing everything at home.

Here's a look at my hairstyles during 2008...

I added a ponytail here:

A couple of times I have colored my hair - I think I like the lighter color better. What do you think?

Today, I tried to do bangs. This picture doesn't do it justice... what I was trying to do was get the nice across the forehead bang look (kind of like Tina of MummyDiaries although her hair is way hotter, so much more stylish and way thicker), but my forehead is so big and my hair has receded some so it doesn't stay or come down like I would like.

You can't tell in the picture but the fringes actually brush my glasses and I am hoping they disguise when my eyebrows need to be shaped, which I also do myself. If I could easily choose a hairstyle I think I would want it to be like Mary J. Blige (I like Mary with the bangs, but I really like the blonde bob without the bangs that I've seen her sporting) or Halle Berry. (No, I don't think I want to wear a wig. LOL) I don't think I look that great with short hair and I much prefer long hair.

Mary's picture was taken October 20, 2008 by Jean-Paul Aussenard - ©

Halle's picture was taken on October 6, 2008 by John Shearer - ©

I've also figured out that I'm not very good at styling hair (unless I'm styling a child's hair) so I think that's one of the problems. And, no matter what I do my hair is always dry and it's gotten so thin and fragile. The last time I was able to go to a stylist (on my birthday in September) she put a texturizer in it so I am able to wear it straight or curly. Needless to say -- well to me -- it doesn't that good straight.

So, what's your advice? What in the world should I do with my hair? (That doesn't cost a lot of money.)

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