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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hold it right there!

My health and weight loss journal

I am happy to say that I am maintaining the weight I accidentally lost during my stomach flu (you can check out my weight loss ticker at the bottom of this page). And I have remembered to shake my Sensa more often... I still forget, but I think I am getting back on track.

As far as the fibromyalgia, you'll be pleased to find out that my current medications (after a couple of trials, errors and changes) are helping me to maintain really well. Hopefully I will continue to feel well in that area. I'm not totally pain free, but it is 90 percent better than before. Thank goodness for drugs! LOL

My other wellness work includes bettering myself -- mostly mentally... dealing with the emotions of a pending divorce, financial worries and such; however, with the love and support of my BFFs, my blogging buddies (yes, you!) and my family I am pulling through quiet nicely.

Special note: Thank you FB... if only words could describe how much I appreciate you.

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