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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Goals on the horizon

My health and weight loss journal

I guess I shouldn't brag too much, but I have to say I lost a few more pounds. I was up to about 174 (gasp!), which was a 4 pound gain, and now I am down to 165. I think I lost a little weight before my recent bout with the stomach flu so I'm not going to try and fool you with a bunch of malarkey about how I've been working out and eating right. I was eating okay and then I got the stomach flu, which assisted me in relieving myself of some (turn up nose here) yucky fluids.

Even though my eating has been okay I have kind of slacked off on using my Sensa, the weight-loss system that uses Tastants to curb your appetite. I didn't slack off on purpose, I just kept forgetting. Seems kind of weird because I was doing so well with it. Actually I think I just got tired of shaking stuff on all of my food. I'd have to say that's the only downside, but if it's something that really works for you then you should probably keep it up.

If you're interested in trying Sensa then you can get a 15 percent discount on any order and free ground shipping. Just use the code ROCKETXL at checkout.

As far as my health goes, the medicine regimen that I am on for my fibromyalgia has really been helping. My doctors have changed the medicine, adjusted the medicine and recently added a mild sleep aid. We'll see how that works. I think that if I were getting more quality sleep then I can be more productive during the day. (I know you know what I mean.)

As I mentioned, the stomach flu is behind me but my stomach is still feeling a little bit, uh, funny - for lack of a better word. That feeling is definitely keeping me from random eating so that coupled with my renewed commitment to Sensa, and I should reach my weight-loss goal (15 pounds to go!) very soon.
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