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Thursday, December 11, 2008


My "husband" and I are trying to finish our divorce paperwork in a uncontested manner and there is one part that is holding us up. He wants to be able to restrict whether I move out of state. Well, he says that's not true. I can move if I want to, but I can't take the kids because he wants to see them when he wants to see them.

He'll say that he's only thinking of the children and that both of us being in their lives is important, but if I need to move to be able to take care of me and all my children then I could but I would have to leave the kids. What happened to both of us being important?

Then he'll say that he can't deal with the emotional thing of the children saying he took too long to see them or come and get them. When I say that has to do with you, not the children then he disagrees. I said, "Every time you say you can't do something or you don't want something then it's about you."

I hate this and I am so extremely frustrated. I mean I could have been a b*tch over the past year because of what he did to cause this entire situation. I haven't argued about his two tickets that I paid, about the $100 a month bill that he has from a car accident, the car insurance that I pay 'cause the car is in my name, the email account... I can freaking go on: holding his mail, storing his belongings and he can't freaking believe that I would do the right thing by him and the kids.

I am not trying to keep the kids from him I just wanna be able to take care of myself and ALL of my children. If I get a job in a different state then it could mean getting out of the poverty that I am in. I would be homeless if it wasn't for my BFF who takes care of the majority of my junk. I am so angry.

He just put Georgia on the stupid paperwork and won't even consider Tennessee or anything else nearby. So if I move I am going to the farthest point out in Georgia. He said if he can't take care of the kids then I can take them. He freaking always has to be in control.

I'm going to end this rant now because I am not even sure it is making sense. I am just angry, frustrated and at my wit's end with what I should do. Everything about the past six years of my life has been controlled and screwed up by him and I have allowed it. Now I have to reap what I sow for marrying him. If I never see him again it would be too soon.
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