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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Don't miss this experience

Have you heard about the The Award-Winning Celebrity Audio Bible, The Bible Experience? If you haven't already heard it then you should take advantage of the free Nick Cannon clip available at The Bible Experience website by utilizing the exclusive download code: GEN3SPRK.

Cannon portrays Adam, but he isn't the only celebrity taking part in this awesome production. The Bible Experience is presented by an ensemble of almost 400 of today's award-winning actors, musicians, clergy, directors and producers as well ass original musical underscore by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and Hollywood-style sound design created at Technicolor Studios.

I once saw a promotion clip about The Bible Experience and it talked about how many of these celebrities were really moved by portraying their parts and the entire experience. They really got into what they were doing to present listeners with an authentic, entertaining and moving portrayal of the Bible.

This would be a great gift to get for someone on your holiday list, to share with your kids or simply to pass onto someone who you think will be inspired by it. I've heard that The Bible Experience is truly a magical product. Experience it today with your free download code.

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