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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Contests, contests eveywhere!

Tis the season for giving and many wonderful bloggers are holding so great contests and giveaways. Here are three that I'm particularly partial to. Well, yes, because I am trying to get another entry by blogging about it, but also because I thought you find them interesting and want to enter yourself.

Crazy Adventures in Parenting
I was already in love with ladybugs, which is what I call my youngest daughter: my little ladybug. So when I saw the shoes that Lisa is giving away I knew I had to enter, and I really hope I win. They are adorable little ladybug shoes and Lisa has written an excellent post on how the company came about and how Oprah came to mention the shoes on her television show. Turns out that Suri (yes, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter) absolutely loves ladybugs and the shoes are her favorite. Tom told Oprah and Oprah told the world!

You can read the entire story over at Crazy Adventures in Parenting, just click the link above.

Maternal Spark
I am an absolute journal, notebook and planner addict. (Yes, it seems like I have a lot of vices because I am also a magazine and book addict. Hmm? Maybe rehab is in order.) And is giving away a fabulous Sarah Pinto Weekly Planner. The cover choices are really nice and it's the perfect size to fit in a purse or diaper bag. You'll have to click on over to find out the details of how to enter. Click here link above.

Something Snappy
Dianne is having a birthday bash until December 21st and she's got a lot of great stuff to give away. The one I really like is the Manor Hill Soap Company prize a gift tote that has three full-size classic soap bars, each weighing a minimum of 3.5 ounces and wrapped in classic Manor Hall jackets in a reusable classy mesh gift tote. One large wooden soap deck with contours and holes for drainage and spa white washcloth.

Doesn't that sound great? Just click the Something Snappy link above to find out details on how to enter.

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