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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The tours continue

My daughter and I went on another college tour to Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, about two weeks ago. Although the campus seemed nice we weren't too impressed with the tour because they only showed us the outside of the buildings. At the college we toured about a month ago, they were very thorough and gave us a great idea of all of the amenities in each building.

We've decided to go online and check out the insides of rooms and buildings at Mercer, and if she's still interested in attending then we'll try to set up a personal tour. I think everything they showed us we could have found out on the Internet.

The trip wasn't totally wasted though because we went to Warner Robins the night before and spent time with Amber's godfather. His house is just 30 minutes from the college so we got up Saturday morning, went to the tour and then hung out with him for the rest of the day.

I was trying to set up a tour at the University of Georgia for us to do in a couple of weeks, but all their tours are booked through January. That's not good 'cause their application deadline is January 15th so I'm going to call the visitor's center tomorrow and see about doing a self-guided tour along with going to their admissions seminar.

Whew, I tell ya, this college planning stuff is tough... and a little fun (I must admit.) Stay tuned for more tour updates.


  1. Good luck with the college stuff. Amber is lucky to have a mother that supports her this way. I see why she's such a precious young lady!

  2. I'm anxious to hear about your whole process because I have a daughter who is college bound soon also.

  3. How exciting for both of you. That's one mistake I made at 18. I never lived on campus. Wish I had.

  4. Good luck girl!I can't wait to hear the news!

  5. well thats useful to not show you the inside isnt it!!! man i wonder if they get anyone joining at all

    good luck with your search


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