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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sleep fighter

Random Weekend Thought

Each of my four children have very strong personalities. There's the sensitive, mature and talented oldest one; the impatient, emotional and in-tune one; a drama-filled, cuddly bundle who instigates and the demanding, stubborn, exceptionally adorable baby.

It's that demanding baby who gives me pause this weekend. Today, although it's Saturday, is like any other day as far as schedules are concerned. The younger children still have to sleep and eat at the same times they do during the week even though they're at different locations - two at head start and one at daycare. Therefore taking a nap isn't an odd occurrence and most of the time everyone goes down for their nap without much fuss.

Today, however, my youngest child decides that nap time was not the right time for her to nap. She played, screamed, jumped, talked and laughed when I put her in her crib. No matter how many times I laid her down or reprimanded her she continued to do what she wanted to do. (Which surprised me since she's normally one of the first ones to go to sleep.) Her brother and one of her sisters, who both share a room with her, were fast asleep and she was still up, wide awake and defiant.

Finally, after more than an hour I took her out of the crib and made her lay on the couch while I watched television. She kept popping up so I positioned her on my lap and finally won the battle - she drifted off to sleep. When my legs started to fall asleep, I maneuvered from under her and glanced down at her. She had exhausted herself with her activities and, finally, all was quiet.

I marvel at this strong-willed child that I birthed. At 18 months and not even 20 pounds yet she is a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't take no for an answer and isn't interested in waiting. In fact, as I type this she has demanded, "Up!" and I oblige because she has so "nicely" communicated instead of screaming for attention.

Who is this person? I wonder. It's amazing the emotions a mother has for her offspring - the life she was a conduit for. My baby who I fiercely love, who frustrates me, but who loves me back just as fiercely. Her beauty amazes me, her growth is astounding, her busyness tires me, and her intelligence and antics keep me in awe.

All of my children are wonders... all miracles, and as each of them grows, changes and matures I am continually amazed at who they are and who they are turning out to be.

Now it's time for them to go to bed. Wish me luck.

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