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Saturday, November 8, 2008

One step up, two steps back

Recovering from my procedure seemed to be coming along fairly well until I started getting fluid/cold or something in my chest. The coughing, of course, aggravates my stomach and causes a little pain. I wake up this morning feeling weak after spending most of the night coughing. I have a headache, but I don't think I am anymore sore than normal. I had anticipated getting some housework done, but I am propped in bed trying to gain some strength. And, I probably should mention the fact that one of my incisions tore a little. BIG SIGH.

I am going to sip some tea with lemon, poke around a little more in the blogosphere and read my magazines. Well, that's the plan, but it'll only happen if the migraine that is lurking behind the scenes goes away. Have you ever gotten that "thing" in your eye (you know, the pulsating black/light swiggly thing that singles a migraine)? Well, I am hoping that want normally happens when I see that in my eye doesn't occur. It normally means a smashing headache comoplete with nausia, light sensitivity and dizziness. I guess I shouldn't have had that popcorn because it was way too salty.

I hate being sickly or incapacitated. I mean I was good and lounged on the couch watching all of my recorded shows for most the week so that my incisions would heal and that there wouldn't be any unnecessary pain. Well, you know how that works when you have children. There are toys, clothes and papers everywhere as well as a whole week's worth of chores to be done.

Okay, this was supposed to be a short post to let you know that I'm around but not 100 percent so that if I left an incoherent comment on your blog or wrote something here that doesn't sound quite right then you would know why. Now it's turning into a rant. Oh well, I am sure you understand. Thanks for listening.
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