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Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's Muse - Look at life

Life. There's always so much going on in my life that it often feels like that my creativity is dormant. That's why I like participating in the Maternal Spark Monday's Muse because it gets me to thinking about how to creative and support the muse in my life. As a writer, I can't get overwhelmed with my everyday stuff (housework, children, errands, responsibilities) and not nurse my creative side.

My creative side is how I make money. I write magazine articles and I am working on a couple of creative projects like my children's book and a novel (or two). There are also a couple of book ideas waiting in the wings. So, today, it dawned on me that I often use my life as my muse. When I can't find something educational to post or interesting to say, and when I can't find a paid post I have to write what's going on in this woman's world! :D Get it?

Take today for example, I had to get up at 3 a.m. and take my teenager to the emergency room (I'll have to tell you more about that later, but remember last year when she was hospitalized? -- Read more here and here. -- Well, that same thing is going on.) Thankfully, the younger children were with their father this morning and he was dropping everyone off at their respective destinations this morning so I didn't have the extra stress of coordinating it with them in tow.

The experience, to say the least, caused a good amount of adrenaline and anxiety. We got through it (and I'll keep you posted), but when I sat down to work I realized that my mind was tired and fried. Then I realized that one of the novels I'm working on is loosely related to my life (okay, maybe a little more than loosely) and I could use today's experiences and everything I've been through medically with my teenager in the novel.

Once again, my life has served as my muse. Why don't you try it? What do you need to accomplish today, but don't feel you have the strength or creativity to get done? Maybe you make jewelry and are stuck on a piece, let whatever emotion and activity is occurring to fuel you. If you're an artist you may have to stop working on your current piece and pick up something new that is fueled my your current emotions and activities. Have a photographic assignment you need to complete? Well, stop and take pictures of your house that needs to be cleaned or your messy desk, sell those prints to sites that use stock photography or start your own stock photography website.

Our lives -- regardless of our occupation, hobby or career -- can serve to fuel our creativity. Try not to let the stresses of life hinder your muse.

Here's to creativity and life as muse!

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