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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fooled again

Not too long ago I had to take the three younger kids to the pediatrician when my youngest daughter and my son had an appointment. I didn't have a choice and I felt pretty good about being able to get them to behave and listen.

When we arrived, I signed Andre in and told him and his 3-year-old sister to sit down. They did as told and the baby, not wanting to be left out, followed along. Here they're watching the television... well, of course, the baby isn't but I wasn't about to complain about that since they were all sitting and quiet.

Well, the quiet didn't last long and again I was fooled into thinking the kids would be on their best behavior. Anna, the youngest, figured out how to open the door and kept running out into the hallway. A couple of times I didn't go out there because she just wanted me to chase her and I figured she'd come back if she didn't see me. Didn't happen. She's as stubborn as ever and would just stand there in the hallway and smile.

Inside the room, the girls played and danced. They spun around, laughed and screamed. When the physician's assistance came into the room she said, "It sounds like a daycare in here!"

My big boy sat quietly on the examination table and waited. He laughed at his sisters, but I didn't have to tell him to be quiet or be still or run after him. Maybe it's because he wasn't feeling well or it could be because he's been trying to be good when his sisters are acting up.

I think the nurses should expedite the families that come in with more than one child. We waited so long that I would have been surprised had my children not gotten restless. Needless to say, though, I was extremely exhausted by the time I dropped the two middle ones at their school. AND I was extremely disappointed that I missed the cutoff time to drop the baby at daycare.

Even with all of that, at least this mommy survived another day. :D

Oh, in case you were wondering, the kids are fine. Andre just had a cough that he'd had for awhile and Anna had her regular checkup. She's tiny for her age (17 1/2 months) - just under 20 pounds - but she's healthy and getting taller. The PA said her weight could be a result of how active she is and since she was a preemie she just wants to see her growing steadily.

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