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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finding my way back

I feel like I've been out of sorts for weeks now when in fact it's only been about two days. The drowsiness from pain medicine and the soreness from the incisions along with dealing with my four children and still taking them to their appointments and commitments this week has kind of worn me out. HOWEVER, I am happy to say that I am feeling a little more human this afternoon.

This morning as I was doing my regular carpooling I could barely keep my eyes open. I dropped the two middle children off at HeadStart, came back home to get the youngest and the oldest, took the youngest to daycare and the oldest to the GI. After that I took the teenager to school and called my best friend to talk to me as I drove home. I climbed into bed and dozed off and on for about three hours.

I haven't taken anymore pain medicine and I don't plan on it because it has me too out of sorts. Now I have to deal with the congestion that has invaded my chest -- I think it's from the breathing tube that was down my throat. So, I've taken some Emergen-C, echinacea and some vitamins.

All that's left is getting back into my fibromyalgia care routine and catch up with my work. Well, that's how most of my week has went... how has your week been?
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