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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blankets of leaves, frigid winds

When I moved to Georgia from Upstate New York in 1995 I was amazed at how the "locals" would complain about how cold it is here. I would say, "This ain't nothing... I've experienced -10 degree weather that was -30 with the windchill. Snow up to my knees. This is nothing to complain about."

For the first few years here I didn't even wear a coat, but made do with jackets and sweaters. Now I don't know if it's old age, my body adjusting or the effects of global warming, but it sure is cold out there. Today's temperature is 29 degrees... in Georgia! This is the south and I can't believe I had to bundle my children up with gloves, hats and heavy coats.

It's way too cold for me. Maybe I should move further south to Florida or just forget the states all together and make my way to Jamaica, which happens to be my favorite place on earth (at least so far).

I think the trees are a bit confused about the weather too. Whereas the leaves were slowly and silently dropping last week now they're falling off the trees hard enough and fast enough to hear a little pop of sound. When I went outside this morning there were 100s of more leaves on the ground than there had been yesterday. (That's a view of my front yard from the driveway. Yes, there are a few big trees surrounding the house.)

Although I love the colors of this season, I prefer the spring and summer. Remind me I said that next summer when it's 99 degrees here and I start complaining about the heat. :D
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