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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Amber's update

After a run to the emergency room on Monday morning, three days home from school and a trip to her new GI; Amber returned to school today. Thanks to the new GI for giving us a new more proactive plan in regards to Amber's yearly bout of a stomach problem.

He said some very interesting things when we went: 1) He has no idea why she was treated three times for H. pylori because in the images I had he didn't see any indication of it. Although it showed up in her blood that isn't conclusive. 2) He did see some other readings on her blood test that didn't sit right with him. 3) And he would have chosen an entirely different plan of treatment.

I am very pleased with the new plan as well as disgusted and upset about the past wasted year. Hopefully following what he said, which will probably take a little patience on Amber's part, will be the key to getting her well.

Here's my baby after the doctor's appointment. She's not feeling well, but I hope she will be all better soon.

To catch up on what's been going on, read my post from Monday and follow the links to what happened last year regarding her hospitalization. Thanks for all your well wishes.

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