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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Will you go pink?

On Monday, I asked you "What are you going to do?" The question was posed in reference to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I shared that I have made a couple of purchases in support of the month (check out that post and the accompanying picture) and had planned on making one other purchase, which is going to be one of the Warriors in Pink shirts at Ford Cares. I haven't gotten around to that yet but...

... I made another purchase today. Just two small things: a pink Kroger reusalbe bag and pink TicTac freshmints. Proceeds from both purchases benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Today I signed up at to go pink on my site (however best suits It's a woman's world!), which is why this type is in pink. [I read about this at Lookit! I Spy... which is a great review site.] I've changed the color of my previous post about my breast cancer research support and any posts I write in the future on this subject will be pink throughout the month of October.

The other thing I did, which I learned about from
Toni, is join the Gal to Gal virtual walk. I created my own virtual gal and will walk daily with the team It Is Nap Time. Yesterday we walked through Orlando, Florida and today we're in Miami. Joining is only $5 and it goes to such a worthy cause.

It's not how big our donation -- whether time or money -- is; it's just that we donate.
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