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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What are you going to wear?

Believe it or not we don't celebrate Halloween, but this year I have really been getting a kick out of everyone's Halloween posts and started checking out to see what type of costume I would choose for myself if I did dress up. They have a half devil, half angel costume that I thought represents me pretty well. For the longest time I said (and still do sometimes) that I have two personalities. One is the sweet Petula who doesn't everything right and never gets into trouble. And the other is Renee who is daring, a slight troublemaker and also likes adventure.

After searching a little bit longer I think the Spellbound Witch Sexy Halloween Costume is the best choice. To me it kind of ties the devil and angel up together because witches aren't necessarily bad, right? Can't you picture me dressed up like that? Even if I don't dress up for Halloween I can think of a couple of reasons to wear one of the sexy Halloween Costumes like this one. Like what, you ask? Oh... I am not telling any secrets. Renee is out to lunch and Petula says she's not telling.

For all of you Halloween lovers, what are you planning to wear?

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