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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The tours begin

As you know my oldest daughter is in her last year of high school. With this comes preparation for college and in order to decide where she wants to go we have begun taking college tours. A couple of weekends ago we visited one of her choices (Georgia College and State University), which is about two hours away. We had a fun time listening to music, following directions through the country, get a little turned around, joking through the tour, eating on campus and visiting her godfather.

Here are a few pictures to share and remember it by: The day started off pretty clear, but before we could blink it started to rain. We joked that it felt like we had entered a different state because we were in the country. Since we were following MapQuest directions the site failed to put landmarks like pass the cows or something relevant when you're driving in the country.
Amber snapped the above picture after we hadn't passed an establishment in more than 20 minutes or so.

By this time she was trying to pretend as if I wasn't snapping pictures left and right. I had gotten a little bored with the history part of the tour (loved the college, by the way) and was looking for blog material. (Of course!) She also started to pretend that she didn't know me. I thought it was funny because she never acts like that. I guess she had to act the part of an almost college freshman. LOL
My daughter is one of the most beautiful people I know. I love this shot because it shows her personality... when she crinkles her nose she is being really genuine.
I had to get this shot of her in front of the college's sign. The landscape was great and I think Amber already looks like a mature college student.

Amber took a few shots of the clouds when we drove an hour from the college to her Daddy Michael's (the godfather's) home. By this time we had lost the signal on the radio station she wanted to listen to so she was taking sky shots.
This weekend we will tour another college and visit her godfather again. This is such a fun time and a little bittersweet; I can't believe that this time next year my baby will be in college.
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