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Sunday, October 5, 2008

That is so nasty

I woke up one morning with a bump on my stomach - a little below my breast. Before the day was out that bump had developed into a very nasty-looking rash. The rash, which is extremely itchy, developed from one bump into two mounds of a rash. It has little fluid looking blisters that are starting to heal... I had an ultrasound of my liver on Saturday and the technician said it looks like poison oak or poison ivy. That's puzzling, I said. She said that it's possible to touch those poisonous plants and not get the breakout where you touched them. Hmmm... interesting, but that doesn't help me. I can't recall touching any plants, I don't have animals and none of my kids are broken out with anything.

What the freak? If it wasn't so nasty looking I would show it to you and get your "professional" opinion. I guess I'll have to figure out who to go to at the Veteran's Hospital to get this treated. Alcohol doesn't seem to do anything (well, it may have contributed to some of the drying out) and I can't tell a bit of difference with using cortisone cream.

I just want it to go away 'cause I'm sure I was gonna hit a beach and wear a bikini for the first time in more than 20 years. Uh... not!

What are your home remedies for mysterious rashes?
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