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Thursday, October 2, 2008

A shoe meme

The other day Renee posed the question (after one of her blogging friends tagged her): "What do your shoes say about you?" I decided to play along and the rules said to show your top 10 pair of shoes.

These green shoes are hot! Well... at least I think so. They look good with skirts and jeans and I always get compliments on them.

I call the next ones "my sexy red shoes."... Red just happens to be my favorite color. They really look good on and they're comfortable too. I actually bought these during my last pregnancy because they were on sale. It took a whole lot of time before I could wear them, but when I finally put them on I was extremely please. I am surprised that I've found heels that I don't mind wearing... even the green ones above are comfortable.

Another comfortable pair, but oh so cute. I wore this black and cream pair last year on my 39th birthday.

I got these sexy black and white ones just the other day. Believe it or not they were less than $10. Talk about doing a little "happy to find hot shoes on sale" jig.

These are my comfy standbys. I throw these Champions on when I don't feel like wearing heels and/or when my toenails are looking busted.

The white ones are sexy and simple. Oh, and can you guess what I'm going to say next? They're comfortable!

Everyone has to have a pair of sneakers that they love (I actually have two pair I love). They are great for exercising, but I still wear them to run errands even though Stacy and Clinton on TLC's What Not To Wear say that the only thing these are for are for exercising!

Oh! These are my new favorites when it comes to comfy throw on shoes. These make me feel like I'm walking around with slippers on. They're casual and cute. And, of course, I got a great deal. Like $5, I think.

These are my everyday shoes. I wear them with jeans and skirts... they kind of give you the hot mama on the go look.

I've only worn these once (on my 40th birthday actually) and they aren't that comfortable, but I think they are cute and stylish. I didn't feel like wearing heels that day and I didn't have anything else to match my outfit.

I find these shoes choices to be quite interesting because not too long ago had you looked at my shoe collection you would have found about 10 different pair of black shoes. I guess I can't take complete credit for my love of color because it was my soon-to-be ex who turned me on to a variety of color. He taught me and showed me how great I looked in different colors and I started to get the confidence that I could pull them off. How ya like me now?

Now you can see a little more of my personality from my shoe choices, so now you have to tell me: What do your shoe choices say about you?

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