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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Senior participation

My daughter has entered her senior year of high school with much excitement. She is trying to make up for last year (since she spent the entire year sick) and is participating in as much as she can.

A couple of weeks ago was Spirit Week and each day the kids were supposed to dress up for a different theme. Here are a few pictures of Amber during that week. The first picture is supposed to be Tacky Nerd Day. I told her she's too cute to be tacky and not really nerdy. She said she is wearing her glasses and has the little nerdy hairstyle, but her clothes were matching and very well fitted. We ended up calling her the New Millennium Nerd since being a nerd is now the "in" thing.

This day was called something like Era Day. Each grade was supposed to have a certain year that they dressed as. The problem was none of the students could remember their era so they just dressed in costumes that they wanted. Amber choose late 60s, early 70s. She had on platforms and bell bottoms. Of course she had to wear the shirt under the halter top to make it appropriate! :D

I can not remember what this day was called ... was it Theme Day. Amber was gonna be Cleopatra, but she couldn't wear the upper arm bands with the cape thingy and she didn't want to wear the beaded head piece that was absolutely fab. (I forgot to make her put it on for this photo.) This is what I wanted her to look like...
... but she said the neck thing was getting on her nerves...
She did wear this absolutely fab shoes although we laughed about it because in that time we're sure they wore Roman sandals or something...
This is how she went to school. She still looks absolutely cute, but I still wish she had worn all the gear to go with the outfit. When she came home she said everyone said that she and her boyfriend were talked about over the entire school. He was dressed in a toga and they were called the cutest couple. Their pictures is supposed to have made it into the yearbook. Kind of cool, huh?
Another day was Twin Day and she and her friend who lives in our neighborhood wore red polka dot dresses. The friend came by at the end of the day, but I was in a grumpy/tired mood and didn't think to take a picture. They even had their hair similar. I can't remember what the other day was.

Did you participate in these types of activities when you were a teenager? ... Seems like so much fun!
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